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Libby Powell is a current PY2 (Class of 2023) on our Chapel Hill campus. She is from Gaithersburg, MD and completed her B.S. in Immunology and Infectious Disease at The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). She has served as the Class President in her PY1 year and currently in her PY2 year. Today, Student Senate MarCom Committee’s Hannah Newkirk interviewed Libby.


Sit with Senate (SWS): What made you pursue pharmacy?

Libby Powell (LP): I was set on going to law school for long time, and I even studied for LSAT! I asked my mom if she thought law school was right for me, and my mom had said, “No.” After this, I thought about it, and she was right: I need to help people. Additionally, my sister is a pharmacist, and I watched her go through pharmacy school and her own career path. I also liked my first biochemistry class, especially mechanisms of action. Now here I am!


SWS: At the moment, which kind of pharmacy are you interested in pursuing and why?

LP: I’m definitely interested in clinical cardiology because of various reasons! I really like the hospital setting and a fast-paced environment. I like that every patient I encounter will be different, and I will be involved in clinical decision making. I am specifically interested in cardiology because the cardiovascular system is the coolest organ system, and I love the heart! It’s cool how different drugs can either negatively affect or help the heart. Cardiology has direct impact on life, so therapy is important for it.


SWS: What has been the most rewarding part about being President for the Class of 2023?

LP: As President, there have been a lot of things that have been rewarding. I really enjoy being a person that people come up to for help or ideas. I also really appreciate when someone says that they felt calmed or welcomed by me. Overall, I can have a direct impact on someone’s day, so that has been really cool.


SWS: If you were to give advice to your PY1 self, what advice would you give?

LP: I would say don’t stress over the little things; everything will work out in the end. I would also tell myself to make sure I am giving everything my 100% effort!


SWS: Many people may not know that you have your boating license. Why and how did you come to acquire this license?

LP: I grew up boating with my family, so I grew up in that environment. I have always loved sailing and boats! I got my boating license to pay homage to my grandfather, who showed me the ropes and the boating lifestyle in general. In addition, I plan to have a boat one day, and that’s when I’ll know I’ve made it. My boating license is one step closer for me to living my dream!


SWS: What other fun activities do you do outside of class?

LP: There’s a lot of things I enjoy doing in my free time. I love spending time outdoors, either walking, running, or hiking. I love sports! Some of my favorite sports to play are volleyball, softball, and golf, and some of the sports I enjoy watching are football (go Steelers!), baseball, and hockey. I also love hanging out with people and going on adventures to new places or trying new things. I also love to bake.


SWS: Is there anything else you would like to share?

LP: There are a couple of tidbits I would like to share! It is truly all about the little things; little details add real spice into life! Enjoy your journey, take every opportunity, and take every obstacle as a challenge and rise above it. And most importantly, don’t forget to smile and laugh through life!


Now back to class!

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