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Photos, Videos and Graphics found on the Internet

Images that are not owned by the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy can not legally be used without permission on our website, presentations or marketing materials. Unless it is clear that you have selected a royalty-free image or the terms of use allow you to save and use the image as intended, please contact the owner of the image to find out if they will allow it to be used for your project. In most cases the owner will allow the image to be used under one of the following conditions:

  • Without cost or restrictions.
  • Without cost or restrictions, but with credit to the photographer/creator.
  • Without cost, but with some restrictions.
  • At fair market value and with the owner’s terms of use.

Using images found on the internet without permission is copyright infringement.

Fair Use

Images used in teaching are typically not considered copyright infringement, unless the image is the intellectual property of another institution or scholar. Images found on the internet that do not fall into that category can be used for teaching under the following circumstances:

  • For analysis: the intended use must be to provide commentary or criticism.
  • With citation: the user must give proper credit to the owner.
  • With no effect: the use must not bypass the owners ability to make a profit and it must not reduce the market value of the original image (Using the image must not reduce the owner’s ability to sell the image or receive credit, from you or others for their work).

If you are unsure of whether your intended use is fair, ask the owner for permission.

Flickr Gallery

The UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy has an online photo archive that is available to school representatives for use in presentations, teaching and for marketing materials. To access additional, private content, please contact Carol Perry for guest login information.

Photo and Video Release Form [PDF]

Photo and Video Release Form – ESP [PDF]

Faculty, staff and students may take photos and video that include people who are not affiliated with the school. If the person is recognizable, you must ask the person for permission to use the photo/video before including it in any materials. Whenever possible, secure their written permission using our release form. The written release form is required for all images that include children/minors.