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The role of social media is to increase awareness of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, help shape and enhance the School’s image, and advance its objectives. Through the use of social media, we strive to spread awareness of our research, education, practice, and our #1 ranking.

Social Media Best Practices

Be Strategic
  • All social media posts should be crafted with the same goal: to bring awareness to the research, education and practice done by the School and/or to increase interest to prospective students, research partners and donors. Consider why and how you use the social media account. It is better to use one social media site well than to stretch yourself thin across multiple platforms.
Be Accountable
  • At least two people on your team should share access credentials to the social media accounts, as well as with members of the MarCom team. Should a member of your team leave the School, MarCom will need access to keep the account active and assist new or additional members with login in the future.
Be Accurate
  • Ensure all posts are factual. (Check the source before re-posting.)
Be Timely and Engaging
  • Account administrators should post and monitor content regularly. Many platforms provide information on when audiences are most likely to see content. Utilize these tools to help amplify your messages.
Add Value
  • Provide your audience with useful, relevant information. This can include news, research, answers to questions from followers and photos or stories that inspire.
Keep the Marketing and Communications Team In-The-Loop
  • Before posting any news of substance, please let someone of the School’s marketing and communications team know about it first in order to maximize the chances of additional publicity.

If you are interested in setting up a social media account for your division, center, or organization, please fill out our social media request form:

Social Media Account Request Form

If you are looking to create an account, you must meet with a member of the Marketing and Communications Department to discuss the social media policies at the School, as well as strategy, goals, messaging and best practices. Please fill out the following request form and we will contact you to set up a meeting.