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  1. Go to
  2. Under reservations choose “[SOP] ffmpeg3.2.2, Windows 10 (VMware)”
  3. Once the reservation is available click connect and follow connection instructions
  4. On the remote desktop, open the bin folder shortcut
  5. Drag / drop your wmv file to this folder.
    • If the file is in your documents folders, open a file explorer windows and copy/paste the path \\tsclient\c\users\%username%\documents
  6. Double click the ffmpeg shortcut on the remote desktop
  7. The command to convert video is
  8. Once the conversion is complete, there should be an flv file in the bin folder (e.g., my_lecture.flv).  Copy/paste this to your documents folder on your local computer or a network location (e.g., M drive; this will appear in file explorer as “M on SOP#” or you can type \\tsclient\m in file explorer)
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