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Occasionally we receive requests about files being accidentally moved after a drag and drop operation where the intention was to copy the file.

Drag and drop changes behavior based on the source from which you’re dragging and the destination where you’re dropping:

  • If you drag a file/folder in a path under one drive letter (e.g., M:\my_source_folder) and drop in a path under a different drive letter (e.g., C:\my_dest_folder) the operation will create a COPY of the dragged file/folder.
  • If you drag and drop within paths under the same drive letter (e.g., M:\my_source_folder is dragged and dropped under M:\my_dest_folder) the dragged item will be MOVED (i.e., copy then deleted).
  • This blog post describes how to further affect the behavior.
    • Holding CTRL while drag/drop will COPY
    • Holding Shift while drag/drop will MOVE
    • Holding CTRL + Shift while drag/drop creates a Shortcut
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