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The purpose of the Educational Research Review Committee (ERRC) is to review and act on all proposals submitted to the committee to ensure that educational research studies proposed are well designed, coordinated with ongoing studies within the School, aligned with the School’s educational and curricular initiatives, and planned and seamlessly implemented to minimize disruption in teaching and learning. The committee functions in accordance with the School’s established Policies and Procedures on the Conduct of Educational Research.

Steps for the review process:

  • Complete and submit the Educational Research Review Form via Qualtrics (a Microsoft Word version of the form is available here). You will be asked to outline the following information:
    • Study purpose and significance
    • Primary research question
    • Sample population and number of participants
    • Anticipated timeline
    • Recruitment and enrollment
    • Data collection methods and identified measures
    • Data analysis plan
    • Intended use of findings and audience
  • The ERRC will reply within one to two weeks with comments and suggestions from committee members.
  • When the ERRC reaches a decision regarding the proposed study, investigators will be notified with one of the following decisions:
    • Move forward with IRB submission (i.e., no revisions necessary)
    • Move forward with IRB submission, giving consideration to feedback provided by ERRC committee members
    • Revise the proposal, based on specific feedback, and resubmit to the review committee
    • Modify the timeline of the study due to conflicts with other ongoing studies

If you would like to discuss plans for your study prior to submitting a proposal for ERRC review, feel free to contact Jacqui McLaughlin.