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Mentoring Resources


A Mentoring Program to Help Junior Faculty Members Achieve Scholarship Success, American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2014; 78 (2) Article 29.

Developing Academic Leaders: Cultivating the Skills of Chairs, Deans, and Other Faculty Administrators, University Leadership Council, Education Advisory Board 2011.

Making the Most of Mentors: A Guide for Mentees, Academic Medicine 2009; 84 (1).

University of Michigan – Getting and Giving Career Advice – A Guide for Junior and Senior Faculty (pdf)

Web Sites

UNC Center for Faculty Excellence – Mentoring resources
      Finding a Mentor and Getting the Most Out of the Mentoring Relationship
      Designing and Implementing Mentoring Programs for Early Career Faculty
      How to Be an Effective Mentor

University of California, San Diego Faculty Mentoring Program

University of California, San Francisco Faculty Mentoring Program Resources

“Mentoring Women in Higher Education: an annotated bibliography, ” The University of Wisconsin System Women’s Studies Librarian’s Office


Dilbert’s Guide to Mentoring, a presentation by Bill Campbell, PhD, former dean of the School and founder of the School’s faculty-mentoring program

Other Books and Articles

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