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Fall 2014 Campbell Mentoring Program Luncheon Series

12:00 pm (noon)-1:30 pm (room: Room 101 A Beard-Campbell Board Room)


September 12 (Friday):
Dr. Rich Davis (UNC-SOM)
Topic: Engaging in Effective Collaborations and Collaborative Grants

October 10 (Friday):
Dr. Kelly Hogan (UNC-Biology)
Topic: Innovation in Teaching: Methods and Use

November 7 (Friday):
Mr. Dave Maldonado (UNC Eshelman SOP)
Topic: How Best to Use Technology to Electronically Organize Your Files

December 12 (Friday):
Raj Kshatriya, Matt Riverbark, and Rick Wernoski (UNC Eshelman SOP)
Topic: Budgeting/Fiscal Realities of an Academic Career