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Please remember to return the keys, School purchased computing devices and any other University property to your supervisor prior to your last day on campus. You must also return your UNC OneCard and/or Marsico Card to the designated offices. To return your OneCard, please visit the OneCard office. To return your Marsico Card, please visit MacNider Hall.

In addition to returning keys and other University property, please be sure to return all original notes, computerized files, and equipment to your supervisor prior to your last day on campus.

If you’re moving, please remember to update your home address information in the UNC Online directory prior to your last working day. This can be done through the Employee Self-Service in ConnectCarolina or directly at (log in with your ONYEN and password). After your account in ConnectCarolina is deactivated, you will still be able to update the address/contact information, view paystubs, and access W-2 forms, using the Guest User access.

The University will mail your “Tax Withholding Statement” (Form W-2) to your home address in February of the year following your termination of employment. Former employees are also able to update their mailing address and access 2015 and onward W-2’s via a guest account (Guest ID) in ConnectCarolina.

Instructions for creating your Guest ID can be found here.

Please note that the University now requires an additional step of authentication when accessing W-2s called 2-Step Verification (DUO). Once you have a Guest User ID, you will need to register for DUO, here.

More information is available on the employee tax forms webpage, here.

Your access to the IT systems will be terminated and your ONYEN disabled, the day after your appointment end date. When this occurs, your School of Pharmacy network access will be lost, meaning you will not be able to log into school computers or connect to any network resources.

You will lose access to your UNC email address the day after your appointment end date, unless you are Faculty or a UNC student. Faculty ONYENs and emails stay active for 60 days while student accounts stay active for 180 days after affiliation end date per pillar 3 in policy.

Remember to approve your timecard on the last working day as your TIM account will be deactivated after the appointment is terminated. If you plan to take any leave between now and your last day, please notify the school TIM administrator, Kelly Redd, so that they can make sure your leave balances and payouts are correct. Please also let the TIM administrator know if you are transferring any leave to another state agency.

Please note that the UNC Separation Policy requires that all permanent SHRA employees are in work status on their last day of employment, so if you are planning to use vacation leave, please make sure to return to work on your last day.

Please remember to complete your timecard as your TIM account will be deactivated after the appointment is terminated.

Please email the Parking Coordinator at to cancel your parking permit.

Please refer to the Leaving the University webpage for information regarding your benefits and rights as you leave your employment.

If you have questions regarding your benefits continuation, please contact the benefits consultant for the School of Pharmacy, Morgan Morrison at (919) 445-1495 or

If you have any questions regarding your benefits and any benefits continuation options following your end of employment with the University, you can contact Jordan Todd, Human Resources Consultant in the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. He may be reached via telephone at (919) 843-9503 and/or email at

If you currently have medical insurance coverage through UNC, the coverage will end on the last day of the month in which you separate employment. However, the medical insurance benefit will extend through the following month if the date of separation is on or after the 16th of the month. In rare instances when the amount of the last paycheck is insufficient to cover the insurance premiums, your coverage may be terminated early. Please contact the Benefit Services team for more details.

Unused accumulated sick leave is not paid upon departure. However, it will be reinstated if you return to state employment as a permanent employee regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week within five years of the last date of eligibility to earn leave. Unused accumulated sick leave is reported to the Retirement System (TSERS plan participants only) for additional credit if your retirement effective date is within five years of the termination of your employment.

The rules for the vacation and bonus leave payout vary by the appointment type:

The maximum vacation leave payout for SHRA employees is 240 hours (pro-rated for part-time employees)

The vacation and bonus leave balances are paid in a lump sum that is included in the final University paycheck.

Vacation leave is subject to a maximum payout limit of up to one day for each month worked, minus the total number of days taken during the employment period when the individual have been employed a total of 24 months or less; 240 hours if employed more than 24 months; or 240 hours if the employee is in an EHRA non-faculty Tier 1 appointment regardless of length of service. Payout limits are pro-rated for part-time employees.

The vacation and bonus leave balances are paid in a lump sum that is included in the final University paycheck.

The following summarizes guidelines for annual and bonus leave payout per the Academic Personnel Office.

Vacation and Bonus Leave: Faculty are not eligible to receive vacation or bonus leave payout when separating from UNC-Chapel Hill. However, a faculty member may negotiate the use of any remaining leave in consultation with their Division Chair, Executive Vice Dean-Chief Academic Officer (EVD-CAO), and the Dean prior to separation from the University. The Chair, EVD-CAO, and Dean may set the final separation date taking into account the granting of such leave; however, this is at the Chair’s, EVD-CAO’s, and Dean’s discretion based on the budgetary and operational limitations of the department.

Sick Leave: There is no payout for sick leave. Only members of TSERS are eligible to have sick leave credit converted to creditable service upon retirement. For ORP participants, any unused sick leave balance at termination or retirement is forfeited.

Upon departure, you may elect to donate unused leave time to a shared leave bank for UNC employees. Please contact Benefits Services at 919-962-3071 or email for assistance.

If you are a foreign national, please complete the Departure Notice and fax, mail, or drop it off to the ISSS Office.

For information about tax end year reporting, please visit the UNC Finance webpage.

If you are an outgoing faculty member, please reference and complete the following checklist from UNC Research. At the end of the form, please sign and date once all steps are complete and return to your Division Chair. It is the responsibility of the departing faculty member and their Division Chair to ensure that proper procedures for departure have been completed in accordance with this checklist.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill) Exit Interview Program is designed to offer departing employees with the opportunity to provide feedback about their work engagement components and overall experience while here at UNC-Chapel Hill. Your input is valuable to UNC-Chapel Hill, and we appreciate the contribution of your thoughts and suggestions. The Exit Interview Questionnaire is the primary vehicle in place to capture feedback about benefits, work balance, communication and work environment issues.

Information collected via the Exit Interview Questionnaire is part of the University’s ongoing efforts to enhance employee experiences. This information will be kept in a confidential file and used only in generalized, non-identifiable ways to help UNC-Chapel Hill understand the factors that may contribute to employee satisfaction, engagement, retention and turnover.

Completion of the Exit Interview Questionnaire is highly encouraged but not mandatory. Exiting employees who prefer to offer feedback in a confidential conversational setting are strongly encouraged to schedule an in-person Exit Interview. For more information, and to complete the exit interview, please visit the Exit Interview Program webpage.

The University of North Carolina Postdoctoral Office believes that your employment with the University is valuable and would like to learn more about your time and experience here as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance other’s experiences going forward. As you are exiting, we ask that you complete a short questionnaire that should take no longer than 5 minutes. The information you provide will be confidential and used only in generalized, non-identifiable ways.

If you prefer not to complete this questionnaire, but would be willing to discuss your reasons for leaving and your experiences as a Postdoc, please contact Interim Director Joyce Tan at (919) 962-0394 or to schedule a convenient time to meet.

Guide for employees leaving the University here