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A few important reminders/updates from our HR office as 2017 draws to a close:

  • Please remember that all employees are responsible for updating their contact information in ConnectCarolina.  This is especially important as the benefit vendors are sending out new insurance/benefit information to the home addresses on file for you. Updating your home address in ConnectCarolina will feed into all of the vendor systems and ensure the University is sending important information to the correct address. To verify/update your home address and emergency contact information, please visit: Under the Self-Service menu, please select “Update Personal Information” to be redirected to the portal to maintain your current contact information.


  • Per University policy, employees may not carry over a negative leave balance (sick/vacation) into the new calendar year. Please be sure to check your accruals in TIM, especially if you are planning on taking leave around the holidays, to ensure you have enough leave time to take without going into a negative leave status. If you have questions regarding your balance, please contact Angela Lyght at 919.962.0087 or


  • EHRA employees: please remember to enter your November leave in TIM ( and approve your timecard by this Friday, December 10th so we can sign off before the holidays and ensure timely pay for your November hours.


  • SHRA employees: there is no deadline change for the upcoming end of pay period (11/27 – 12/10), however for the pay period beginning 12/11 and ending 12/24, all timecards completed should be and approved no later than Thursday, December 21. Because of the University Holiday, ALL SHRA timecards will be auto-approved by Payroll on Tuesday, December 26. If you fail to enter time worked, you will only be paid for time entered. While we never recommend that you pre-populate your timecards, to ensure that you receive accurate pay, this is the only time that we suggest that you do so. As our HR office does not know when/if people are working, it is your responsibility to make sure that your hours are entered accurately.

As a final reminder, All employees will be paid on Friday, December 22. The University is closed December 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29 for winter holiday and January 1 for New Year’s Day. The University will reopen on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. PLEASE NOTE: December 28 is not a paid holiday and we are required to use vacation, bonus or comp time for this day. TIM will not auto-populate leave time, so it is the employee’s responsibility to designate the appropriate leave for this date. All time cards will be reviewed individually to ensure that appropriate leave is entered. If leave is not coded, the School’s TIM administrators will assume that vacation leave should be coded and enter the leave as necessary. If any research/lab employees have a need to come into the labs during the holidays, please contact Kim Hutter directly at or 919-966-9886 by December 13th.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!

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