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On May 23rd, the school will be migrated to Office365, included in the Office365 migration are two new storage spaces for individual and groups. **Due to concerns with the new storage spaces we ask that you continue using your current network drives (L, M, and N) to save all school data. We will advise you when the new storage spaces can be used, we anticipate this will happen in June or July.


What is Office365?

Simply stated, our move to Office 365 puts your email and calendar functionality into the cloud. That is, e-mail will no longer be managed on servers located on campus premises. In addition to your Office desktop applications, you will also be able to utilize the Office product suite in the cloud and it will look & feel just like what you’re used to now with Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.!




Monday, May 22nd

E-mail will only be available via Mobile Devices from 8 pm (5/22) – 6 am (5/23).

To prepare for the migration users should ensure that their computer is rebooted and not logged back into, before leaving on May 22nd or the last day you are in your office prior to May 22nd.


Tuesday, May 23rd

We fully expect the transition to go smoothly, to be safe, from 8 am – 2 pm (approximately) ITSOP and Campus ITS will be onsite in Beard (Asheville VTC and Zoom), Kerr, and Marsico Halls as well as the Genetics Medicine Building.  School members that are in satellite offices will have help numbers made available to them or can connect to our control centers via Zoom.


Day-of-23rd Notes:

  • The URL will be replaced by on 5/23. All users will use after this date.
  • Open first when you sign in to your computer on May 23rd. If you see all your e-mail you have been successfully migrated and you can sign into the Outlook application on your desktop. If not, please reboot your computer and go back to IT personnel will be on site for any issues.
  • There will be a long delay when you first open the Outlook client on your desktop. This delay can be 5-10 minutes long – be patient.
  • IT Office365 control centers for this migration will be available for walk-in assistance in Beard 104 and Marsico Halls (TBD) with VTC (rooms TBD), online help available at


What will change?

office365_logo Currently On 5/23/17
Email & Calendar (web access)

(50gb of email storage!)
Mobile Device Email Settings (IF you received mobile device email from us) User name =   Onyen   See this link for more info
File Sharing & Collaboration Not available Click Here to Learn More