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Computing devices are an essential part of the workplace; having up to date computing devices is mandatory for any organization desiring an efficient and productive workforce.   To ensure that permanent faculty and staff have up to date standardized computing devices, a centralized purchasing program has been established; the program will purchase primary computers for eligible users.  Currently, the program applies to UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy fixed-term faculty (clinical or teaching track), tenure track faculty; professors of the practice; and permanent school-funded SHRA and EHRA-NF staff positions.  Computers for research track faculty are the responsibility of the respective principal investigator.



  • New fixed-term faculty (clinical or teaching track), tenure track faculty; professors of the practice; and permanent school-funded SHRA and EHRA-NF staff positions.
  • Current fixed-term faculty (clinical or teaching track), tenure track faculty; and permanent school-funded SHRA and EHRA-NF staff positions with out-of-warranty (OOW) computers
  • OOW computers that are essential to school operations (i.e., classroom computers, video board computers in common areas)


Standard Computer Setup:

In order to provide standardization IET purchases computers from the Carolina Computing Initiative program ( ).  Standardization has many benefits, including lower overhead, better security, and faster repair turnaround times. IET serves as the initial contact for repair requests, and Campus IT serves as a “service center” for computer brands sold through CCI.

IET will meet with the eligible users to determine computing needs and make a recommendation for one of the following packages;

  • Windows or MAC
  • Desktop with two monitors
  • Laptop and accessories (e.g. docking station and two monitors, if needed)

Users will be able to choose their configuration from a pre-determined CCI option list. Approval for upgrades or non-standard computer purchases will be made on a case by case basis; Offices, Divisions, or users will be responsible for additional costs, if any.


Purchasing Process:

The purchase of a computing device for a new employee will remain necessarily the same, except for the funding source.  Once a faculty or staff position is accepted, IET will work with the supervisor to determine computing needs and will make a recommendation from the standard CCI options list.  In the case where the employee is available, IET will work directly with the new employee on the purchase.

ITSOP can identify eligible users through a network scan.  IET will initiate contact with eligible users to start the replacement process.   Order of contact will be determined by several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Age of computer
  • Request for repair history for computer
  • Operational needs
  • Centralized purchasing budget for the current fiscal year

Eligible users not contacted during the current fiscal year can request an assessment of their primary computer, every effort will be made to replace the computer if warranted.


CCI Computer Options


As new models emerge, standards and pricing will be updated.
(Updated March 2022)


  • Delays are expected to continue for the foreseeable future.
  • Delays are being experienced in every phase of the process. (chip, mfg, shipping , customs etc.)
  • There are some models that become available in limited quantities, however, there is no consistency on availability (here today, gone in a few weeks)
  • Monitors continue to experience the longest delays

Tips if you are looking to order soon:

  • Be flexible, there may be a model that is close to what you want that is available.
  • Choose “pre-packaged” or standard models,  customizations or upgrades result in the order “getting in line” at the factory causing a major delay.
  • Work with IET BEFORE ordering to determine the best options for timely delivery.

ThinkCentre M720q Tiny$576.00

  • Intel Core i5-10400T Processor
  • 16GB RAM (Memory) (8GB is default – school will upgrade to 16GB)
  • 256GB SSD storage (hard drive)
  • 4 year warranty coverage included
  • View on CCI


Pair of Lenovo 23.8” monitors – $444.00 ($222 each)


ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 2$1086.00

  • 13.3” 1920×1200 IPS non-touch display
  • Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor
  • 16GB RAM (Memory)
  • 256GB SSD storage drive
  • 4 year warranty coverage included
  • View on CCI


Lenovo USB-C Dock $167.00
PN# 40AY0090US

Pair of Lenovo 23.8” monitors – $444.00 ($222.00 each)


Mac Mini$908.00

  • Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU and 8‑core GPU
  • 8GB RAM (Memory)
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • 3 year warranty coverage included
  • View in Apple Shop


Pair of Lenovo 23.8monitors – *current pricing varies*


Macbook Air – $1228.00

  • 13.3” 2560×1600 Retina display
  • Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU, 7‑core GPU
  • 16GB RAM (Memory)
  • 256GB SSD storage (hard drive)
  • 3 year warranty coverage included
  • View in Apple Shop


One 27” or 32″ 4K monitor – *current pricing varies*


Centralized purchasing of computing equipment is a common practice in organizations worldwide. The school’s “centralized purchasing” program is not traditional since it does not include all school computer purchases. This program will ensure that all non-research faculty and administrative staff have up to date, in-warranty primary computers.  New and up to date computers will prevent these user communities from being burdened by slow or inadequate computing devices, ultimately benefitting the school.  IET will benefit by having standardized computers, lower overhead costs, improving security, on-campus service centers, and reducing time spent troubleshooting and resolving issues on older computers.   Phase 1 does not necessarily have a financial benefit to it; however, as the program evolves, the school will explore the potential for financial benefits.

IET can scan the network to retrieve information on all networked computers on the domain. IET will use this scan to identify out of warranty computers and contact eligible users to start the replacement process.  Since this is a new program, the list may be divided over two years. In that case, IET will start with operationally necessary computers that are eligible for replacement and sort the rest by oldest to “newest.”

No, the program will fund the purchase of the new eligible faculty’s primary computer.  New users are encouraged to request a new computer here.

In cases where users want an upgrade or non-standard computer, the user will be responsible for funding the difference above the IET recommendation.  Upgrades and non-standard computers will still need to meet some purchasing requirements, such as a 4-year warranty.  Additionally, users will be responsible for setting up any in-warranty repairs that need to be done off campus by the manufacturer.

This program is meant to replace only one out of warranty (OOW) primary computer. With technological advances and the availability of cloud resources to campus users, IET recommends that all users have one primary computer.  IET will recommend a laptop with a docking station for users needing mobility.  Users may use their funds to purchase a second computer if necessary.