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ITSOP’s customer base includes all faculty, staff, students, and users who may interact with those groups while conducting school business. To prepare to support these user communities safely upon their return to campus, ITSOP is revising our support model.  The new support model will adhere to the guidance provided by UNC at,  and by the school leadership at Due to the fluidity of the pandemic, this support model is subject to change without notice; every effort will be made to communicate changes to this support model promptly.


ITSOP/User Interaction Guidelines

Until further notice, ITSOP will adopt a remote-first support model.  If deemed necessary after the initial remote troubleshooting session, ITSOP technicians may schedule a “walk-in” or in-office deskside support appointment with users.  Below are the protocols for each category of support:

(ITSOP reserves the right to deny or delay service if these protocols are not followed.  We respectfully request that you do not stop technicians in the buildings for consultation.)


Remote Support

Remote support will be the primary support mechanism for the remainder of Spring 2021.  The following protocol is the first step for all requests for assistance to ITSOP.

  • Go to
    • Login and search for the service you are looking for
    • Fill out the form and submit the request
  • If you have an emergency, please join the Zoom help meeting: 919 843 1132
  • Assigned technicians will schedule a remote appointment with users. If the users’ available timeslot is not open, the technician will offer the closest appointment available.
  • If the problem cannot be resolved via remote support, the technician will schedule support in a clean room or an in-office deskside support appointment. Every effort will be made to prioritize the follow- up appointment

Scheduled support (Clean rooms)

If deemed necessary, an ITSOP technician will schedule an appointment for support in a designated “clean room” – these rooms will only be open for appointments scheduled by an ITSOP technician.

  1. Beard Hall 203B for Faculty, Staff, and Students
  2. Marsico Hall 4217

The following technician/user protocol should be followed for all appointments in a “clean room”:

  • Approximately five minutes before the scheduled appointment an ITSOP technician will wipe down the desk and chairs in the clean room with a disinfectant wipe.
  • Before the user arrives, the technician will use hand sanitizer and put on a mask and gloves.
  • Users will arrive at the appointed time wearing a mask and gloves if gloves are not available users with use hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • The user will give the laptop/device to the technician at the door and wait outside of the door.
  • The technician will use disinfectant wipes to wipe down the device.
  • Once the technician is ready to troubleshoot the problem, they will invite the user into the room to sit in the designated user area.
  • During troubleshooting, if it becomes necessary for the user to touch the laptop/device, the technician will move into a designated technician area first. The user will then interact with the device. The same process (in reverse) should be used when the user is done.
  • Once a resolution is reached, the technician will move to the designated technician area and allow the user to take the laptop/device and exit the room.
  • After the user has left the room, the technician will wipe down the desk and chairs and dispose of wipes and gloves into the supplied trash can.
  • The technician will use hand sanitizer before leaving and locking the room.


Deskside Support

If deemed necessary, an ITSOP technician will schedule an in-office deskside support appointment. The following technician/user protocol should be followed for all in-office deskside support appointments.

  • Upon scheduling an in-office deskside support appointment, the technician will add the protocol and the following statement to the calendar invite:
    • Please be aware that during in-office deskside support visits, ITSOP technicians and users are required to maintain the University’s COVID-19 safety practices for social distancing, protective equipment, and cleanliness. If the technician or the user feels that safety practices are not being followed, they may delay or decline deskside support. Please email if you have any questions.
  • Five minutes before the technician arrives, users should remove all clutter away from their computer. If wipes are available, users should wipe down all surfaces that the technician may encounter during the visit, and users should put on gloves or use hand sanitizer.
  • Technicians must bring hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and wear a mask and gloves while traveling to/from and during an in-office visit.
  • Upon arriving at the in-office visit, the technician will inquire if the user has sanitized the equipment to be serviced if not, the technician will  sanitize the equipment
  • Once the equipment is sanitized, the technician and user should maintain social distancing until there is a resolution of the problem.
  • The technician should dispose of gloves in an appropriate receptacle and use hand sanitizer upon returning to their workspace.

Please direct any questions to