Dr. Jenny Dezubay is a clinical pharmacist who graduated from UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy in 2016. Upon graduating, she  completed a PGY1 ambulatory care residency at Campbell University/Wilson Community Health Center and Benson Area Medical Center. She is currently working at an independent pharmacy called Josefs Pharmacy located in Raleigh, North Carolina. For today’s alumni feature, Sit with Senate’s Jessie Kim interviewed Jenny Dezubay about her time at the School, and her career path post-graduation


Sit with Senate: Who was your favorite professor at ESOP, and why?
Dr. Jenny Dezubay: My favorite professor was Dr. Anksorus because she made learning fun. I will never forget her in-class demonstration of a neti pot!

SwS: What activities did you participate in as a pharmacy student, and how did they help shape your perspective on the profession of pharmacy?
JD: I was a teaching assistant for Biology 101 labs during undergrad and throughout pharmacy school. I was also a teaching assistant for pharmaceutical care labs for PY1s during my PY3 year. These jobs kept me very busy, but also taught me how to teach – a very important skill, even if you don’t go into academia. Learning how to teach is very important as a pharmacist as teaching patients and precepting students is a  crucial part of the job! I also was involved in APhA-ASP as the Chapter President and then Vice-Chair of the APhA-ASP National Education (now Member Engagement) Standing Committee. By getting involved in APhA-ASP, I was able to connect with student pharmacists around the country to build my network. I also gained leadership skills that serve me well as a pharmacist.

SwS: Can you tell us what career path you took after graduating ESOP?
JD: I completed a PGY1 residency in Ambulatory Care with Campbell University at both Wilson Community Health Center and Benson Area Medical Center. I now work as a clinical pharmacist with Josefs Pharmacy helping to expand clinical services in ambulatory care.

SwS: Can you tell us about your research interest?
JD: During residency, my research project was about the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes after corticosteroid administration.

SwS: What is your favorite drug,  and why?
JD: As my primary interest is in diabetes, my favorite drug is Tresiba because it allows patients to have flexible insulin dosing and better blood sugar control. Also, the Tresiba commercial jingle is my favorite.

SwS: What is your favorite aspect of working at an independent pharmacy?
JD: I like working at an independent pharmacy because there is less corporate restriction on what you can do. If I want to add a service, I can directly communicate with our owners to expedite the process. Independent pharmacies allow pharmacists to do more to help patients,such as offering free delivery, medication adherence packaging, and medication synchronization.

SwS: What other fun things do you do outside of pharmacy?
JD: I have an Australian Labradoodle named Copper and he keeps me busy (especially managing his Instagram account @mr.copperdoodle)! I also like to stay active – I do both Orange Theory Fitness and Yoga to balance out my true love of watching TV.

SwS: How would you explain the career of a pharmacist to the general public in ten words or less?
JD: Medication experts providing accessible care outside of visits with physicians.

SwS:  If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring and why?
JD: “Physician’s Desk Reference… hollowed out. Inside, waterproof matches, iodine tablets, beet seeds, protein bars, NASA blanket, and, in case I get bored, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. No, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Question… did my shoes come off in the plane crash?” – Dwight K. Schrute 

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