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Welcome to Our First Issue!

You are reading the first edition of the Human Resources Newsletter. In order to keep our staff, faculty and students informed about various types of Human Resources issues, we have decided to publish a newsletter twice a month. In this newsletter, you’ll find out about what is going on in the ever changing world of Human Resources as well as other various updates and information from Finance, IT, and Research and Graduate Education.

We hope that you’ll be excited to learn about all the wonderful articles and updates we plan to provide in each newsletter. We plan to update you on various topics, such as policy and procedure updates, benefits, training and development and so much more. Your feedback is always welcome! Please let us know what type of news you would like to see and we’ll be sure to incorporate your ideas in future issues as best we can. In order to get to know your colleagues better, every issue will feature a “Meet the Team” piece which will introduce you to various teams throughout the School. Later we plan to begin to “Spotlight” employees randomly.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please address them to Angela Lyght at or Taylor Libby at

Benefits Enrollment Info

2016 Annual Enrollment Dates Have Changed

The State Health Plan and NCFlex Annual Enrollment will be held October 15—November 18, 2015

Please be sure to read ALL materials sent to you by the State Health Plan! If you take no action during annual enrollment you may end up paying more than you should in 2016.

If you participate in the Enhanced 80/20 Plan or the Consumer-Directed Health Plan, you can save money on their premiums by com- pleting the following wellness credit activi- ties before or during the Annual Enrollment:

  •   Attest that you and your enrolled spouse (if applicable) are tobacco-free OR will enroll in the QuitlineNC tobacco -cessation program. You can only attest during Annual Enrollment. Members are able to enroll in QuitlineNC now.
  •   Select a Primary Care Provider (PCP) for you and all covered dependents AND watch a short PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Homes) video. You can select your PCP now. The video will be availa- ble beginning October 15th in your en- rollment system.
  •   TIP: If it has been a while since you have selected a PCP, go into the enrollment system and make sure that your PCP selection is still listed.
  •   Take (or update) your Health Assess- ment and provide your biometric num- bers. By taking the Health Assessment, you can reduce your monthly premium by $20 on the Consumer Directed Health Plan or by $25 on the Enhanced 80/20 Plan. You may take the Health Assessment by visiting the State Health Plan’s website or by phone at 800-817- 7044. Remember, you can do this right now, and not have to worry about it during Annual Enrollment.

Remember, you can always find the latest details on the State Health Plan’s website, clicking on “My Personal Health Portal” and entering your information.

If you have not used the Personal Health Portal, its easy to create an account or if you haven’t used it in a while, its also easy to reset your username and/or password. Just go to the Plan’s website, click on “My Personal Health Portal” in the green bar and follow the simple directions.

NCFLEX Plan Year 2016 Updates

  •   LOWER RATES for Dental, Vision, Critical Illness and Cancer coverage
  •   Critical Illness—Allstate Benefits is the new carrier effective 1/1/16. $15,000 payout per diagnoses and much more
  •   Health Care Spending Account maxi- mum contribution $2,500.
  •   Cancer– evidence of insurability is NOT REQUIRED for plan year 2016.
  •   Dental High Option plan annual maximi- um increased to $2,500Visit NCFlex online to learn more!


Do I need to use TIM?

It depends on what employee classifi- cation you are. Postdocs and other EPA Temporary employees do not use TIM. The following classifications use TIM: EPA Faculty, EPA Non-Faculty, SPA Exempt, SPA Nonexempt, SPA Tem- porary, and Student.

SPA non-exempt employees, SPA temporary workers, and student workers DO need to enter their daily time that they began work, and the time they ended work, including meal breaks over 30 minutes. Exempt employees, including SPA exempt, EPA non-faculty, and EPA faculty do NOT need to enter their daily work hours, but do need to enter leave tak- en.

How do I access TIM?

TIM can be accessed here:

Do I need to enter my leave taken?

If you are any of the following classifi- cations, then yes: SPA Permanent Non -exempt, SPA Permanent Exempt, EPA permanent non-faculty, EPA permanent faculty. (Non-leave-earning employees do not, and cannot, enter leave in TIM. This includes SPA tem- porary and student employees.) Other- wise, you can and should enter leave taken on your time card. Use the drop- down pay code box to select the kind of leave taken (such as “Vacation” or “Sick”) and then enter the number of hours of leave taken.

What do I do at the end of a time period to make sure my time card gets submitted to payroll and I get paid?

SPA exempt and non-exempt: You (and your TIM manager) need to approve your time card by noon of the Monday follow- ing the last day of that pay period. For example, if your time card displays the dates December 31-January 6, it needs your and your manager’s approval by noon on January 7th. Otherwise, your timecard, regardless of how incomplete it is, will be sent to payroll. You may find it easiest to approve your time card on the last day you work of that pay period, which for many people is the second Friday in that pay period.

EPA faculty and non-faculty: You have 20 days after the month ends to enter your leave and approve your time card; you need to approve your time card by the 20th of the FOLLOWING month. For example, you need to approve your January time card by February 20th. You can do it soon- er, if you’d like. The 20th is the deadline for approving the previous month’s time card.

Your HR Team

Taylor Libby, Director-

Leads the administration of HR policies, programs, and practices within the School .

Dina Sikora, Assistant Director—

Contact for School support, performance evaluations and special projects

Randall Bain, HR Consultant—

Contact for all personnel actions for DPET, DPOP and PACE

Mac Balatico, HR Consultant—

Contact for all personnel actions for CBMC and MOPH

Alekya Battula, Immigration Specialist & TIM Administrator—

Contact for all Immigration issues and primary contact for TIM.

Angela Lyght, Training & Development Specialist—

Contact for orientation, training, assessments, development and TIM Backup

Upcoming Training Opportunities

With ConnectCarolina, there’s an easier way to find out what classes are available from OHR’s Training & Talent Development unit. You can now use the Self Service function to see what classes are being offered and register — all in one trip!

To find the current class schedule, visit connectcaroli- and log in with your Onyen and password in the faculty/staff section. Then select Self Service at the top left. Choose Training Enrollment and click on Search by Course Name. (Here’s a tip: Leave the Search field blank to see a list of all open courses!)

In the list, click on the Course Detail icon to see the course description and any pre- requisites. Click OK to return to the list, and then select View Available Sessions to see class dates, times and locations — as well as the number of open seats remaining.

When you’re ready to register for a class, click the Session Number. You’ll see all the de- tails for the course; click Continue to move through the registration process. (Note: When you register for a class, both you and your supervisor will receive an email notification of your enrollment.)

Upcoming Lunch & Learn

Bring your lunch and join us for the next Lunch & Learn session on Thursday, October 29th at Noon in 116 Beard Hall. The topic is E-mail Management and will be led by Dave Maldonado.

If you wish to attend this session, please email

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New Years’ Eve

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