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From left: Jo Ellen Rodgers, Andrea Faison, and Ian Hollis

The Office of Experiential Programs aims to be recognized nationally and internationally as the preeminent leader in the delivery and assessment of practice-based education. The mission of the Office of Experiential Programs is to design and deliver innovative practice experiences complemented by contextual learning resulting in the development of exemplary graduates ready to provide high-quality, team-based, patient-centered care. In alignment with the guiding principles of the School’s Strategic Initiative 1: Educational Renaissance and curricular transformation efforts, Experiential Programs faculty assist the School in developing and executing on the School’s experiential training programs including building and strengthening strategic partnerships. Experiential programs faculty aim to also inculcate a culture of scholarship and research, continuously studying the (1) impact of innovative practice experiences on student learning and development; (2) quality assurance models to assess experiential sites and preceptors, (3) contemporary preceptor training and development; and (4) interprofessional education and practice in collaboration with other health professional schools on campus. The overall goal of Office of Experiential Programs at the School is to engage in activities that effectively deliver practice-based education, demonstrate the responsible collection and use of data to inform decision making, establish best practices, improve educational outcomes, and optimize impact across the pharmacy academy.