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The local UNC IPhO Chapter looks to support students at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy who are interested in pursuing non-traditional pharmacy careers with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

IPhO Student Chapters are dedicated to enhancing student pharmacists’ understanding of the pharmaceutical industry by:

  • Raising awareness of the roles that industry pharmacists play in drug development, appropriate medication use, and other aspects of industry
  • Creating opportunities for student pharmacists to connect with industry pharmacists
  • Providing opportunities to participate in industry-focused scholarly activity
  • Collaborating with IPhO National to create and distribute industry-focused resources and materials that are targeted to student pharmacists
  • Working with IPhO National and local pharmacy school faculty/administration to promote access to industry-focused internship and other experiential opportunities

National Organization Website



$15 local dues, $99 national dues (optional, but includes greater access to IPhO resources)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join IPhO at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy?
We will have a registration form for new members in the fall after bridging course. Payment of at least local dues and registration on the National IPhO website are also required for membership.

What opportunities are there for pharmacists working in industry?
There is a broad range of opportunities for pharmacists in industry spanning all aspects of drug development. Some of the common areas where pharmacists work include:

  • clinical development working to design trials and data needed to prove safety and efficacy
  • regulatory affairs designing strategies to work with regulatory agencies like the FDA to successfully get a new drug approved
  • medical affairs creating materials that will aid in the dissemination of new scientific knowledge surrounding a new drug
  • commercial helping to successful market a drug after approval
  • pharmacovigilance looking at real-world data to determine patient safety

How can IPhO help me prepare for a career in industry?
IPhO has many programs in place to prepare our members to be competitive candidates for internships during pharmacy school as well as fellowships and jobs after graduation. We provide educational opportunities to learn about different industry functional areas from pharmacists currently in the field, the fellowship application process from large national programs and PY4s who have been successful, and networking/mentorship opportunities with UNC Fellows, among other things.


  • Fellowship prep series including guest speakers from different industry functional areas
  • Summer internship database
  • Yearly PY4 PPS survey
  • PY4 Fellowship Panel
  • CV reviews and writing workshops
  • Monthly GBMs with guest speakers
  • Fellowship program information sessions

National Student Meeting – held yearly and is an excellent opportunity for networking with other students, fellows, and industry professionals. There is also a large fellowship showcase where students have the opportunity to learn about different programs.

VIP Case Competition – a national competition hosted by IPhO that allows student pharmacists to develop a comprehensive drug development plan for a theoretical drug spanning from clinical development to commercial and marketing.

Fellow Mentorship Program – IPhO members are matched with current Fellows to foster a mentor/mentee relationship that students can use to help learn about industry functional areas and strategies for success during and after pharmacy school.


Exec Board:

President – Taysir Chamem

President Elect – Zijie Zhang

Director of Professional Programming – Isabel Cheng

Director of Finance and Fundraising – Margaux Meilhac

Director of Communications – Mayur Krishna

Director of Social Media and Marketing – Jenny Kong

Appointed Positions:

VIP Case Manager – Alexander An

Fellowship Prep Series Manager – Sissy Addo & Kelsey Chaykowski

Mentorship Prep Series Manager – Elaine Kim & Uijeong Jo

Internship Prep Series Managers – Ally Swartz & Larisa Koyen

PY4 Liaison – Bailey Nero

Alumni Liaison – Philip Ouyang

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Shawn Hingtgen