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The purpose of MFLIP is to connect the Eshelman student body with UNC undergraduates who are considering a career in pharmacy. MFLIP establishes mentorship pairings between undergraduates and pharmacy students based on shared academic interests, personal background, and goals for the mentorship.


  • Provide personalized guidance and targeted resources for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy
  • Increase exposure of the profession and provide a gateway into the professional networking community for undergraduates
  • Promote retention of undergraduate students on the pre-pharmacy track


No dues!

MFLIP Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I join MFLIP?
    Fill out the sign up form in late August or contact a member of the Executive Team.
  • How much are dues?   
    We do not ask for dues.
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?   
    Members are expected to meet with their partner at least twice a semester and attend at least 3 general body meetings throughout the year.
  • How much of a time commitment is MFLIP?   
    The time commitment is described in the responsibilities of a member, but we encourage members to participate as much as they want above the requirements.
  • What happens at MFLIP meetings?   
    We have interactive and fun meetings that explore different areas of pharmacy, build leadership and communication skills, and foster professional development
  • What would I benefit from being a part of MFLIP?   
    As a mentor, you will experience the personal gratification of helping an undergraduate decide if pharmacy is right for them, as well as providing helpful resources along the way. You will also learn more about careers in pharmacy, hone your leadership skills, and enjoy a free dinner at each of our general body meetings.


General body meeting examples:

  • Career Panel (with representatives from clinical, community, and industry background)
  • Immersions, Uncensored (in-depth discussion of our personal experiences on immersion)
  • CV Review and Interview Workshop


Executive Leadership

Michael Laskowitz, Class of 2022

Belyin Gutierrez, Class of 2023

Administrative Co-Chair
Kate Queen, Class of 2023
Stephanie Martin, Class of 2023

Event Planning & Activities Co-Chair
Nick Shabanowitz, Class of 2022
Patrece Dear Duhig, Class of 2022

Recruitment & Special Projects Co-chair
Emily Meggs, Class of 2022
Bethany Volkmar, Class of 2023

UNC Undergraduate Liaison
Chandler Chapman, Undergraduate Student
Ingrid Findlay, Undergraduate Student

Faculty Advisor

Carla White