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About Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA)

The vision of PPA is to the leading the promotion of safe and effective medication use in children. The mission of PPA is to promote this safe and effective medication use in children through Collaboration, Advocacy, Research, and Education. PPA provides members and non-members opportunities to stay up-to-date on the latest in pediatric pharmacy and ways to learn more about medication use in children. We aim to accomplish this through a variety of events such as guest lecturers in various pediatric settings, residency panels, shadowing and volunteering opportunities.

National Organization Website:


Student Organization: $10

National PPA: $45

*Subject to change depending on impact of COVID-19)

PPA: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there points requirements for PPA?
    No, we do not have a set number of points. We just ask that you attend as many events as you can and that you are attentive and willing to participate fully. We also highly encourage that all members attend fundraising events and strive to volunteer for at least one opportunity to give back to the community.
  • Is it mandatory to join national PPA in order to be apart of this organization?
    No, you are just required to pay local dues. Becoming a member of national PPA is optional; however, is encouraged so you can stay up to date with the latest in pediatric pharmacy.


  • November Residency Panel
  • At least monthly philanthropy event for St. Jude or UNC Children’s patients
  • Monthly General Body Meetings
  • Monthly Lunch and Learns
  • COVID restriction dependent: Shadowing opportunities, Volunteering opportunities at UNC Pediatric Playroom or other community-based groups (such as Table)

One of our biggest events is our residency panel where we strive to have pediatric residents from various hospitals (UNC, Duke, and hopefully more) come speak about their path into peds. At this panel, there is a Q&A time period where anyone can ask burning questions about residency, the application process, etc.

Past events (prior to COVID) that require more participants are all of the various community-based volunteering opportunities (all found on HeelLife). Each shift for pediatric playroom had 4-5 people at least twice a month and same with Table.



Sabrina Nance, Class of 2023


Shana Katz, Class of 2024

VP Philanthropy

Kendra Gee, Class of 2023

VP Professional Development

Allison Yang, Class of 2024


Ashton O’Hara, Class of 2023


Hannah Green, Class of 2024

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Carmen Echols