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About PAID

The Pharmaceutical Access, Industry, & Decision Making Group (PAID) is the pre-eminent organization on The Eshelman School of Pharmacy campus that is dedicated to advancing the careers of student pharmacists in areas of non-traditional pharmacy. PAID is an umbrella organization which includes the Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) and the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP).

IPhO is a national organization that looks to support students who are interested in pursuing a non-traditional pharmacy career with a focus on pharmaceutical industry. The local UNC IPhO Chapter is dedicated to enhancing student pharmacists’ understanding of the industry by raising awareness of the roles that industry pharmacists play in drug development and other aspects of industry, creating opportunities for student pharmacists to connect with industry pharmacists, providing opportunities to participate in industry-focused scholarly activity, and working with IPhO National and local pharmacy school faculty/administration to promote access to industry-focused internship and other experiential opportunities

AMCP is a national organization that looks to support pharmacy students interested in careers in managed care pharmacy and areas surrounding systems-level healthcare decision-making. Through a variety of educational lectures, networking opportunities, case competitions, national conferences, longitudinal projects and more, students gain an understanding of pharmacists’ roles in these industries, the stakeholders that comprise them, key issues shaping them, and skills necessary for success in them.

National Organization Websites: and


Local dues: $40

Optional: AMCP National $45 and/or IPhO National $99. If a student decides to join one or both of the national organizations, they will only be required to pay $20 local dues.

PAID: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I join PAID?
    We will have a registration form for new members in the fall after bridging course. Payment of at least local dues is required for membership.
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?
    Attend meetings and events that you are interested. There is no minimum number of events you must attend, and there are no mandatory events
  • How much of a time commitment is PAID?
    With ~2 events per week during the school year, it is as much of a time commitment as you make it. You are not required to attend a certain number of events but as with any responsibility, you are encouraged to attend as many as you can, especially if you are interested in assuming a position of leadership


  • Intro to the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Intro to Managed Care Pharmacy
  • General Body Meetings (x7)
  • Pharmacists in Industry Lecture Series (x5; Medical Affairs, Market Access, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Development)
  • Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Competition
  • P&T Competition Bootcamp (x5 two-hour lectures)
  • Interprofessional Healthcare Case Competition (collaboration with MBA, MD, MPH schools)
  • Managed Care Residency Panel
  • Industry Fellowship Panel/Info Session
  • Industry Internship Panel/Info Session
  • Speed Networking Event
  • Mapping Your Pharmacy Future
  • UNC Hospital P&T Committee Meetings

P&T Competition
This is a cornerstone of our fall semester offerings, and is a longitudinal event carried out at chapters across the country. Our chapter has collaborated with GSK to put together a 5-week educational bootcamp, complete with a syllabus and associated assignments, to prepare students for the competition. Teams of 4 work together over ~2 months to assemble submission materials and present them for a chance to win our UNC local competition. The winner of the local competition is then submitted for a chance to compete at the national competition. Our chapter happens to have produced the past two national champion teams!

Interprofessional Healthcare Case Competition
We have developed active collaborations with other organizations on campus to provide members maximum exposure to the beneficial events occurring on campus and in the area. One of these collaborations directly led to the inaugural Interprofessional Healthcare Case Competition last year, which brought together students from UNC’s PharmD, MBA, MD, and MPH programs.

VIP Case Competition
A national competition hosted by IPhO that allows student pharmacists to develop a comprehensive drug development plan for a theoretical drug spanning from clinical development to commercial and marketing. Our local Chapter placed 1st this past year!

Fellow Mentorship Program
Members are matched with current Fellows to foster a mentor/mentee relationship that students can use to help learn about industry functional areas and strategies for success during and after pharmacy school.

PAID Leadership


Noelia Goti, Class of 2023

Taysir Chamem, Class of 2024

Director of Finance and Fundraising
Grace Liu, Class of 2023

Director of Communications
Aimee Ho, Class of 2023

Director of Professional Programming
Alyssa Yin, Class of 2023

Director of Social Media and Marketing
Kelsey Chaykowski, Class of 2023


Alexandra Rabil, Class of 2023

Lisa Trinh, Class of 2024

VP Finance
Anna Li, Class of 2023

VP Communications
Megan Budoi, Class of 2024

VP Career Development
Tatiana Hines, Class of 2023

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Michael Jay, Dr. Sean Hingtgen, Dr. Ben Urick