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About PDC

Phi Delta Chi is a co-ed professional pharmacy fraternity whose mission is to provide a lifelong home for pharmacy professionals inspiring Brotherhood, Leadership, Service, and Scholarship

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$120/year for PY1s
$175/year for PY2s and PY3s

PDC Frequently Asked questions

  • How can I join PDC?
    Attend our formal recruitment events held in September each year
  • How much are dues?   
    For PY1s, dues are $120. For PY2s and PY3s, dues are $175.
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?   
    To attend chapter meetings (held twice a month), and attend and participate in the many events planned by our brothers, for our brothers, in the areas of scholarship, philanthropy, professional service, leadership, brotherhood & social, etc.
  • How much of a time commitment is PDC?   
    Mandatory events are chapters held twice a month, and at least 7 other events per semester.
  • What happens at PDC meetings?   
    At formal chapter meetings, we hold ritual & conduct fraternity business
  • What would I benefit from being a part of PDC?   
    The opportunity to join a committed brotherhood of student pharmacists across the nation, network with alumni brothers, participate in service and philanthropy events, develop your leadership potential, grow close to your brothers, and much, much more!

 By joining a pharmacy fraternity here at UNC, you become a member of a national organization as well and truly are a brother for life. The Alpha Gamma chapter of Phi Delta Chi is one of the strongest PDC chapters in the nation. For the past 6 years in a row, the UNC PDC chapter has won the John D. Grabenstein Leadership award, representing the chapter with the strongest overall leadership. In 2016, the Alpha Gamma chapter won the Thurston Cup, the highest honor awarded to a Phi Delta Chi chapter.


See our website & calendar for all events held by our fraternity! Follow us on social media to see highlights from each event.

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A variety of events are held each semester, spanning from philanthropy events like the St. Jude 5K Walk/Run, to social gatherings like the Gatlinburg Weekend Retreat. We benefit from our alumni connections to learn about career paths, financial literacy, and residency preparedness, and we work within our chapter to improve scholarship via events like OSCE prep sessions and Kahoot review sessions. Learn more about what PDC has to offer by attending our Recruitment events – our brothers would love to meet you!

Chapter Leadership

Worthy Chief Counselor
Zoe Tu, Class of 2022

Worthy Vice Counselor
Jacob Van Leeuwen, Class of 2022

Worthy Master at Arms
Matt Conzola, Class of 2023

Worthy Inner Guard
Taylor Helms, Class of 2023

Worthy Keeper of Finance
Maria Mosello, Class of 2022

Worthy Correspondent
Emily Meggs, Class of 2022

Worthy Keeper of Records & Seals
Maura Kreiser, Class of 2023

Worthy Alumni Liaison
Patricia Long, Class of 2023

Worthy Preiate
Morgan Bizzell, Class of 2022

Faculty Advisors

Dr. David Steeb, Dr. Macary Marciniak, and Dr. Tony Mitchum