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About Recruitment Ambassadors Program (RAP)

The Recruitment Ambassadors Program (RAP) serves to recruit the next generation of pharmacy leaders to the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. We work closely with the Office of Student Affairs to promote our profession to prospective students in North Carolina and beyond. We target various high schools and universities, host tours and virtual recruitment fairs, manage a blog for prospective students, assist with Open Houses, and Candidates Days. We encourage ambassadors to return to your Alma Mater where you can educate your former peers about pharmacy as a career and what it means to be a student at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.

Join RAP if…

(1) If you want to promote the profession of pharmacy to prospective students (2) If you are interested in developing yourself professionally and socially through committees (3) If you are interested in recruiting the next generation of pharmacy students for the Eshelman School of Pharmacy!


There are no required annual dues

RAP Frequently Asked questions

  • How can I join RAP?
    In early September RAP applications will be released for you to apply to be an ambassador 
  • How much are dues?   
    There are no dues if selected to be an ambassador
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?   
    Ambassadors will volunteer to work various recruiting events such as Candidates Days, Pharmacy Friday, Virtual Career Fairs, etc. There is 1 GBM per month and various social events ambassadors can also attend. Furthermore, each ambassador gets to join a committee (fundraising, events, social, or marketing) to help develop their skills and make RAP awesome!
  • How much of a time commitment is RAP?   
    Ambassadors are expected to attend monthly GBM meetings and volunteer at various events. Outside of the GBMs, there are no specific time commitments as we believe that you should attend events you find interesting and want to get involved in!
  • What happens at RAP’s meetings?   
    At our meetings, we host different workshops and speakers to help develop public speaking, professionalism, and confidence in our ambassadors so they can attend events to help represent the school to the best of their abilities.
  • What would I benefit from being a part of RAP?   
    Being part of RAP is a great honor as you get to be on the forefront of the recruiting process for the next incoming pharmacy class and prospective students. Furthermore, you get to develop yourself as a leader both professionally, academically, and socially through workshops, and social events.

We are excited to be working on new and exciting recruiting events for the 2020/2021 school year! If you have any questions about the Recruitment Ambassadors Program, please feel free to reach out to Claudia Kennedy at We can’t wait to meet you and and hear all your great ideas!!!

List of Events/Projects

Throughout the school year, we organize monthly General Body Meetings (GBMs), Candidates Days, Pharmacy Fridays, The annual Pre-Pharmacy Summit, Public Speaking Workshop, and Virtual Recruitment Fairs. Also, you can create your own social + meet-and-greet events to host at local high schools and colleges

Pre-Pharmacy Summit

The Pre-Pharmacy Summit is an annual event that RAP plans for college-aged students interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy! RAP ambassadors volunteer to lead TED Talks on pharmacy topics, run professionalism and leadership development workshops, and answer student questions. This day-long event is a unique opportunity to interact with prospective students and advance the profession of pharmacy!

Candidates Days

RAP ambassadors love to help out with Candidates Days! Ambassadors are assigned to a group of prospective students to lead them through their interview day. We get the chance to answer questions, share our pharmacy school experience, and calm their nerves before they interview.


Claudia Kennedy, Class of 2022

Shelby Brookshire, Class of 2023

Adam Hendrix, Class of 2022

Treasurer/Fundraising Chair
Claire Salisbury, Class of 2022

Candidates Day Coordinator 
Ashely Mauch, Class of 2022

Candidates Day Coordinator-Elect
Akina Nana, Class of 2023

Social Chair 
Nick Shabanowitz, Class of 2022

Event Chair 
Patricia Long, Class of 2023

Marketing Chair 
Jonathan Boucher, Class of 2023

Faculty Advisor

Olivia Hammill