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About SHAC

Purpose: to provide high-quality, compassionate care to underserved patients in the Carolina community.

Mission statement: to become the preeminent student healthcare organization locally and nationally by becoming the model of student service learning and a leader in student-led patient care



SHAC Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I join SHAC?
    SHAC differs from other student organizations in that students do not become “members” of the organization, but rather have the opportunity to start volunteering with SHAC beginning in the spring semester of their PY1 year. There is also a special opportunity called the “SHACternship” through which a selected group of PY1 students can shadow and volunteer at SHAC events starting in their first semester of pharmacy school.
  • How much are dues?   
    No dues
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?   
    Students who sign up to volunteer at SHAC Outreach health screening events or the weekly SHAC Clinic have the opportunity to collaborate with students of other health professions and provide care and health maintenance education to underserved patients in our community.
  • How much of a time commitment is SHAC?   
    Students can determine their own level of involvement in SHAC by signing up to volunteer at SHAC Outreach and/or Clinic events of their choosing. Outreach screenings run for approximately 2-3 hours, and Clinic shifts last approximately 5 hours.
  • What happens at SHAC meetings?   
    Starting in Fall 2018, SHAC Pharmacy hosts “This Month in SHAC” meetings in which we explore various topics, including the challenges of providing care to underserved populations, cultural competence, and current SHAC initiatives and research projects. We also hear from guest speakers and student volunteers who wish to share impactful experiences from SHAC Outreach and Clinic events.
  • What would I benefit from being a part of SHAC?   
    Volunteering through SHAC Pharmacy will allow you the opportunity to positively impact the health and well-being of community members who have limited access to health care and resources. Through SHAC, we have not only the opportunity to develop our own skills in interprofessional collaboration and patient care, but also touch the lives of patients who depend on our services to maintain their health.

SHAC Pharmacy offers not only opportunities to serve underserved patients at SHAC Outreach and Clinic, but also to engage more deeply in these experiences through a service-learning course called PACE 700. This pass/fail course is required for all students who wish to volunteer with SHAC Pharmacy programs. This course does not require any time in the classroom; however, students must meet the minimum volunteering requirements, attend at least one monthly meeting, and complete a reflection assignment in order to pass the course. PACE 700 allows students the opportunities to reflect on their experiences of serving underserved patient populations and work towards personal and professional goals through their volunteering endeavors.


  • SHAC Outreach screenings (2 per month)
  • SHAC Clinic (weekly)
  • This Month in SHAC meetings (monthly)
  • SHACternship program for PY1 students (duration of PY1 year)
  • SHAC Interdisciplinary Engagement Fellowship for rising PY3 students (summer)
  • Lab Coat Fundraiser with proceeds to larger UNC SHAC organization (fall semester)
  • SHAC research projects (number and type of projects vary each year)


Pharmacy Coordinator
Neel Swamy, Class of 2022

Pharmacy Coordinator-Elect
Stephanie Zhang, Class of 2023

Outreach Director
Aliyah Cruz, Class of 2022

Outreach Director-Elect
Belyin Gutierrez, Class of 2023

Clinic Coordinator (PY3)
Meghan Peterson, Class of 2022

Clinic Coordinator (PY3)
Pamela Vega, Class of 2022

Clinic Coordinator (PY2)
Robyn Dryer, Class of 2023

Clinic Coordinator (PY2)
Kennedy Concannon, Class of 2023

Development Specialist
Hawi Tasissa, Class of 2022

Development Specialist-Elect
Grace Liu, Class of 2023

BTC Representative (PY3)
Alec Martschenko, Class of 2022

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jackie Zeeman


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