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About StOMP

StOMP incorporates the following ideals into its mission to reducing and preventing opioid misuse throughout North Carolina and nationwide: 1) Lead the implementation of strategies that enhance awareness, education, and training to reduce opioid misuse, abuse, and deaths. 2) Collaborate with local, regional, and state programs that focus on addressing opioid misuse and abuse to prevent deaths. 3) Facilitate interdisciplinary approaches to encourage broad and diverse participation in efforts to prevent opioid misuse, abuse, and deaths.



StOMP: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a member?
    Fill out the Membership Request Form (, Venmo $5 to @stomp-unc, obtain the required 3 points per semester to remain an active member.
  • How and where are meetings held?
    General body meetings and speaker events were held over Zoom for the past year but TBD for in-person meetings for the 2021-2022 school year.


  • Annual Naloxone Kit-Making Event
  • NC Harm Reduction Coalition Collaboration Events
  • TROSA Tours/Speaker Events
  • UNC Public Health Collaboration Events
  • Narcotics Anonymous Monthly Meetings
  • Social Media Campaign with CAPS
  • Drug Take-Back Day with SNPhA
  • Project Connect County Fair
  • Syringe Container Drive

Our annual Naloxone Kit-Making Event invites the NC Harm Reduction Coalition and UNC Public Health to ESOP where we spend an afternoon/evening learning about the importance of naloxone, the stigma behind seeking help for opioid misuse, and working together to make naloxone kits. In 2019, we made over 1800 kits containing naloxone syringes and quick instructions for use during overdose emergencies to be distributed statewide.

StOMP Leadership

Dhrumi Patwa, Skylar Harrigfeld, Sendy Lin


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Dennis Williams