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Mission: To promote a culture of wellness and success for the entire student body by providing meaningful and effective resources and programming, and acting as transparent and accessible representatives and liaisons for the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Vision: Senate Promotes professional development, personal wellness, and a unified student body

The purpose of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy Student Senate is to represent all doctor of pharmacy students by acting as the student governing body, enforcing the rules established in the Senate Constitution, and receiving, discussing, and disseminating information and opinions of the student body to the appropriate persons. Senate ensures that every student is represented so that no voice is left unheard, thus establishing an environment where every student is able to learn, grow, and develop as competent professionals. To complement this mission, the Student Senate has established goals that are focused on improving the students’ quality of life in addition to improving the continued excellence and status of the School. These goals are as follows:

  • Establish the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy as the number one pharmacy school in the nation by increasing academic performance and visibility at the national level
  • Increase student awareness about our profession through the encouragement of attendance at professional meetings, involvement in professional organizations, participation in clinical discussions, and volunteerism
  • Increase personal and professional interaction among students in the PY1, PY2, and PY3 classes
  • Increase communication between students and faculty
  • Promote interactions and unity among the campuses at Chapel Hill and Asheville

Student Senate Officers

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor
Emili Anderson Paula Paseiro Lindsey Mahn Allison Yang Colleen Wernoski


Asheville Executive Committee Chair Asheville Executive Vice Chair Asheville Executive Committee Secretary Asheville Executive Committee Treasurer  Advisor
Julia Mesawich Lauren Fasth Cassidy Cox

Megan Alymer

Colleen Wernoski


GPSG Senators Wellness Co-Chairs Alumni Co-Chairs Marketing & Communications Chair Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chairs
Reanna Jereb

Mayur Krishna

Sarah Gorban

Caroline Eason

Sara Bosek

Mason Secrest

Shaleen Ghosh

Kiara Bautista

Yuki Yang


PY4 Class Officers – Class of 2021

President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer Advisor
Libby Powell Valeria Laboy Justin Suero Colleen Wernoski

PY3 Class Officers – Class of 2022

President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer Asheville Liaison Advisor
Tom Diaz Zack Moreo Erica Stone Cassie Twisdale Colleen Wernoski

 PY2 Class Officers – Class of 2023

President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer Asheville Liaison Advisor
Hannah Summers Yuki Yang Brandon Cashwell Ingrid Findlay Colleen Wernoski

 PY1 Class Officers – Class of 2024

President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer Advisor
David Langley Savannah Miller Laurel Thomas Colleen Wernoski