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About SCCP

Welcome to the Student College of Clinical Pharmacy. We are the student chapter of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP). Our mission is to develop students’ clinical skills and promote early interaction with clinical pharmacists and residents. We focus on helping students network, grow professionally and clinically through monthly General Body Meetings, Lunch & Learn sessions, participation in the clinical pocket guide, and many more. We welcome you to join us in yet another exciting year, here at UNC ESOP!


Required annual dues for membership is:
$20 for Local Chapter

SCCP Frequently Asked questions

  • How can I join SCCP?
    Look for more information to come closer to August! 
  • How much are dues?   
    Local Dues: $20
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?   
    We hope that our events will allow members to gain more knowledge and develop professionally, so we just ask everyone to be active and engaged at these events! We love to see our members actively network with each other and with our guest speakers at our events.
  • How much of a time commitment is SCCP?   
    In order to remain an active member and be eligible to run for positions within the Executive Team, a point system exists that will be announced at the beginning of the academic year. Participation in various meetings and events will count towards your points. We hold monthly hour-long General Body Meetings in the evening and monthly hour-long Lunch & Learn Sessions during common hour, along with many other events including the annual CPP Dinner and ACCP’s Clinical Pharmacy and Research Challenges. What you gain from our organization is really self-driven!
  • What happens at SCCP’s meetings?   
    SCCP’s General Body Meetings occur once a month in the evening and usually involve a case discussion by a clinical pharmacist, as well as some insight into their career path, career, and responsibilities. SCCP’s monthly Lunch & Learn Sessions are similar, but are designed to be more informal and interactive. Members are encouraged to ask questions, network, and learn as much as possible from our guest speakers.
  • What would I benefit from being a part of SCCP?   
    SCCP’s main focus is on opportunities involving networking and professional development. We host many guest speakers to allow our members optimal networking opportunities!


Throughout the school year, we organize monthly General Body Meetings (GBMs) and Lunch & Learn sessions to help students gain a deeper understanding of the steps necessary to become a clinical pharmacist. Additionally, we provide our members with the opportunity to become an SCCP Clinical Pocket Guide editor, and/or participate in the ACCP Clinical Research Challenge (Fall Semester) and ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (Spring Semester)!

Also, there are many other wonderful opportunities for SCCP members: We collaborate with CAPs to provide the CPP Dinner every fall semester which is a big networking opportunity for our members. We ask many CPPs from around the area to come and talk about their CPP practice. Every spring, we hold our annual Residency Round Table dinner. We ask residents from UNC to come to join us for dinner to discuss their pathway to residency and their experience in residency.

SCCP Pocket Guide

Our annual fundraiser is the SCCP Pocket Guide! The pocket guide was created as a resource for pharmacy students, residents and clinicians to be used as a quick reference during their rotations and clinical practice. Every year our student members volunteer to edit clinical sections of the pocket guide. Editing includes updating clinical management of diseases such as heart failure, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, sepsis, diabetes, gout and other clinical topic sections of the pocket guide. Each section is assigned two students editors, a PYl or PY2 and PY3 student, to collaborate, research and teach each other the information of their section, while editing it to the best of their abilities. Once students have consulted updated guidelines and literature to update their section, they send their edits to an assigned faculty content expert for review at the school.


Kara Kassekert, Class of 2022

Marshall Winget, Class of 2023

Carolina Pham, Class of 2022

Kelly Jankowski, Class of 2022

ACCP Liaison
Jasmine Johnson, Class of 2022

ACCP Liaison-Elect
Linda Allworth, Class of 2023

Pocket Guide Chair
Audrey Wong, Class of 2022

Pocket Guide Chair-Elect 
Vany Nguyen, Class of 2023

Event Coordinator 
Brian Lam, Class of 2023

Asheville Liaison
Linas Krulikas, Class of 2022

Asheville Liaison-Elect
Stephanie Roskowski, Class of 2023

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Deborah Sturpe


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