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Carla White, Assistant Dean

Carla White, Assistant Dean for Innovative Leadership and Diversity

We Aspire:

To be a school community that gathers strength from difference; one that  encompasses individuals that reflect a broad range of backgrounds and views, differential abilities, and individual talents.

Our Perspective:

The School strives to be a diverse community of people, and has the core value that a diversity of views, genders, races, ethnic backgrounds, and experiences of its faculty, staff and students is vital to allow the school to execute its mission to develop leaders who have a positive impact on human health worldwide.

A primary mission of the Office of Innovative Leadership and Diversity at the School is to recruit, retain, and develop the next generation of pharmacy leaders. We envision a school that reflects, in all its dimensions, the population it serves.

Want more:

What do you aspire to?

Do More:

Invest in yourself.

Get Involved.

What makes the signature programs of Office of Innovative Leadership and Diversity unique is the insight they provide — students contemplating a career in pharmacy want to hear about the experiences of our current students and alums. Come to an event and network. Become a mentor. Share the perspective that is uniquely yours.

Opportunities for Prospective Students.

Leadership, Excellence and Development (LEAD) Program

Leadership Academy

Mentoring Future Leaders in Pharmacy (M-FLIP)

Contemporary Communications in Healthcare (PHCY 124) Course

Opportunities for Current Professional and Graduate Students.

Cross-Cultural Leadership Development Seminars (CCLD)

Contemporary and Applied Communications in Healthcare (PHCY 821) Elective Course

• Diversity and Inclusion Think Tank

Opportunities for our School Community.

• International Hour
• Inclusive Engagement Seminar Series

Irene Park demonstrates special dosage forms to LEAD program attendees.
Carolina LEAD program attendees.