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PHCY 821 (formerly PACE 811)

The Contemporary and Applied Communications in Healthcare course is designed to prepare students to communicate across a broad range of constituents. The course is project-based and structured to provide a comprehensive perspective and multi-faceted framework for understanding communication in healthcare. Students will probe a wide scope of communication topics and strategies that affect healthcare and health outcomes. Learners will investigate various channels, sources of information and misinformation, assess the impacts of mass media, social networks, global and cultural initiatives on health communication, and utilize applications of research and communication theory to gain a health system view of communication. This educational experience is modeled after real world environments and will prepare students to adapt their communication to connect, collaborate, influence, and innovate.

About the Course

PHCY 821 Sessions


9:00 am
Healthcare Organizations: A Systems View 


9:00 am
The Art and Science of Team Building 



9:00 am
Health Communication Interventions

Course Objectives

To prepare students to effectively communicate across a broad range of constituents and key stakeholders; to explore emerging trends, challenges, and new technologies; and expose learners to a variety of contexts of health communication to increase the ability to address real world problems in healthcare.

Students completing this course should be able to:

  • Articulate current challenges to the health care system and the role of health communication research
  • Think critically and thoughtfully about the social, political, cultural, organizational and global contexts of health communication
  • Discuss the theoretical foundations and underlying differences in the ways individuals communicate about health
  • Find and appropriately interpret science-based information about health communication
  • Identify, evaluate and use effective communication strategies and recognize problematic communicative trends in healthcare