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Salerno, Sara N.; Capparelli, Edmund V.; McIlleron, Helen; Gerhart, Jacqueline G.; Dumond, Julie B.; Kashuba, Angela D. M.; Denti, Paolo; Gonzalez, Daniel. Leveraging physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling to optimize dosing for lopinavir/ritonavir with rifampin in pediatric patients (2022). Pharmacotherapy.

Murphy, William A.; Adiwidjaja, Jeffry; Sjöstedt, Noora; Yang, Kyunghee; Beaudoin, James J.; Spires, Jessica; Siler, Scott Q.; Neuhoff, Sibylle; Brouwer, Kim L.R. Considerations for Physiologically Based Modeling in Liver Disease: From Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFL) to Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) (2022). Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

Murphy, W.A., Saran, C., Honkakoski, P., Brouwer, K.L.R. Mechanism-Based Experimental Models for the Evaluation of BSEP Inhibition and DILI (2021). Transporters and Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes in Drug Toxicity, pp. 261-306.



Davis, Scott A.; Howard, Kirsten; Ellis, Alan R.; Jonas, Daniel E.; Carey, Timothy S.; Morrissey, Joseph P.; Thomas, Kathleen C.  Feasibility of a best–worst scaling exercise to set priorities for autism research. (2022). Health Expectations.

Kutney-Lee, Anna; Khazanov, Gabriela K.; Carpenter, Joan G.; Griffin, Hilary; Kinder, Daniel; Shreve, Scott T.; Smith, Dawn; Thorpe, Joshua M.; Ersek, Mary. Palliative Care and Documented Suicide: Association Among Veterans With High Mortality Risk (2022). Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

Carpenter, Delesha; Lambert, Katie V.; Harless, J. Chase; Wilson, Courtenay Gilmore; Davis, Scott A.; Zule, William A.; Ostrach, Bayla. North Carolina community pharmacists’ buprenorphine dispensing practices and attitudes (2022). Journal of the American Pharmacists Association.


Tiek, Deanna M.; Erdogdu, Beril; Razaghi, Roham; Jin, Lu; Sadowski, Norah; Alamillo-Ferrer, Carla; Hogg, J. Robert; Haddad, Bassem R.; Drewry, David H.; Wells, Carrow; Pickett, Julie E.; Song, Xiao. Temozolomide-induced guanine mutations create exploitable vulnerabilities of guanine-rich DNA and RNA regions in drug-resistant gliomas (2022). Science advances, 8(25), p. eabn3471.

Frankowski, Kevin J.; Patnaik, Samarjit; Wang, Ched; Southall, Noel; Dutta, Dipannita; De, Soumitta; Li, Dandan; Dextras, Christopher; Lin, Yi-Han; Bryant-Connah, Marthe; Davis, Danielle; Wang, Feijun. (2022). Discovery and Optimization of Pyrrolopyrimidine Derivatives as Selective Disruptors of the Perinucleolar Compartment, a Marker of Tumor Progression toward Metastasis

Liu, J., Pedersen, L.C. Emerging chemical and biochemical tools for studying 3-O-sulfated heparan sulfate (2022). American Journal of Physiology – Cell Physiology, 322(6), pp. C1166-C1175.

Wesley, Nathaniel A.; Skrajna, Aleksandra; Simmons, Holly C.; Budziszewski, Gabrielle R.; Azzam, Dalal N.; Cesmat, Andrew P.; McGinty, Robert K. Time Resolved-Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer platform for quantitative nucleosome binding and footprinting (2022). Protein Science, 31(6), art. no. e4339.

Spangler, C.J., McGinty, R.K. Determination of Histone Methyltransferase Structures in Complex with the Nucleosome by Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (2022). Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2529, pp. 149-168.

Qin, Zengxin; Zhao, Mengfei; Zhang, Kaixina; Goto, Masuo;Lee, Kuo-Hsiung; Li, Jizhen. Fluorinated Modification of Neo-Tanshinlactone and Antiproliferative Activity Evaluation

(2022). Chemistry of Natural Compounds.

Nguyen, Khoa; Tran, Minh N.; Rivera, Andrew; Cheng, Thomas; Windsor, Gabrielle O.; Chabot, Abraham B.; Cavanaugh, Jane E.; Collins-Burow, Bridgette M.; Lee, Sean B.; Drewry, David H.; Flaherty, Patrick T.; Burow, Matthew E. MAP3K Family Review and Correlations with Patient Survival Outcomes in Various Cancer Types (2022). Frontiers in Bioscience – Landmark, 27(5), art. no. 167.

Wada, K., Goto, M., Ohkoshi, E., Lee, K.-H., Yamashita, H. Bioactivity inspired C19-diterpenoid alkaloids for overcoming multidrug-resistant cancer (2022). Journal of Natural Medicines.



Pestka, D.L., Blanchard, C.M., Sorensen, T.D. What is needed to sustain comprehensive medication management? One health plan’s perspectives (2022). Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy, 28(6), pp. 674-679.

Wolcott, M.D., Hanh, F., McLaughlin, J.E., Cox, W. Interested in situational judgment tests? Preparing pharmacy educators for potential challenges (2022). Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning



Frankenthal, I.A., Alves, M.C., Tak, C., Achatz, M.I. Cancer surveillance for patients with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome in Brazil: A cost-effectiveness analysis (2022). The Lancet Regional Health – Americas, 12, art. no. 100265.

Foss, Kimberly S.; O’daniel, Julianne M.; Berg, Jonathan S.; Powell, Sabrina N.;  Cadigan, Rosemary Jean; Kuczynski, Kristine J.; Milko, Laura V.; Saylor, Katherine W.; Roberts, Megan; Weck, Karen; Henderson, Gail E. The Rise of Population Genomic Screening: Characteristics of Current Programs and the Need for Evidence Regarding Optimal Implementation (2022). Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12(5), art. no. 692.

Hughes, Phillip M.; Wu, Benjamin S.; Annis, Izabela E.; Brunelli, Caterina; Kurth, Noelle K.; Hall, Jean P.; Thomas, Kathleen C. Association of Inadequate Provider Networks with Unmet Need for Health Services and Self-Employment among People with Disabilities (2022). Journal of health care for the poor and underserved, 33(2), pp. 984-997.

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