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Qualtrics Research Suite, an on-line survey tool, is available at no cost and approved for sensitive information. Sponsored by UNC-Chapel Hill for use by faculty, staff and students, Qualtrics is the only on-line survey tool authorized by the University for the collection of sensitive information.

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Sent: Friday, January 09, 2015 9:07 AM
Subject: [INFORMATIONAL] Qualtrics survey tool: free and approved for sensitive information

**Primary Campus Survey Tool**
Qualtrics is now the primary on-line survey tool for the University. Individual departments and schools should neither buy nor use other on-line survey tools, including products (some of which are free) that are not rated for the collection of sensitive information. This centralized offering saves money for University departments and will improve information collection, data privacy and security and reporting. Users have commented favorably on the simplicity and versatility of the software.

**Safe for Use with Sensitive Information** Qualtrics and the University have worked together to document the safety of the Qualtrics environment and will continue to work together to protect the safety of sensitive information. Qualtrics has signed a Business Associate Agreement with the University and is recommended by the Privacy Office and the Office of Human Research Ethics.

**Qualtrics Support**
The Howard W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science, a research and data management arm of the University, manages the service for the University. Easy to use instructions, including contact information and help, can be found at

The Information Security Office has produced a document that describes an iPad configuration for collection of sensitive information using Qualtrics in offline mode.

For more information regarding a) offline use of Qualtrics and b) iPad configuration for offline work with sensitive information, please go to:

For a description of “sensitive information,” please go to

Sponsored by:
-Holly Benton, Interim Chief Privacy Officer -Kevin Lanning, Chief Information Security Officer -Dwayne Pinkney, Vice Provost, Finance and Academic Planning -The University Committee on the Protection of Personal Data
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