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X-Win32 and SSH Secure Shell

You will need SSH Secure Shell for accessing the server command line and transferring files.

You will need an X-Server for displaying graphical user interfaces (GUIs) running on the server


Disk Quota

There is a limit to the available space in your home directory ~

If you need additional space for storing active files that must be accessed frequently from the server, contact and we’ll arrange to set up a shared directory on killdevil.

Access Control

A good reference for understanding linux file permissions is

By default when you create a file on the system, it is readable by everyone with permission to login to the system (the ‘others,’ effectively everyone with an onyen).  This is controlled by the umask setting

To view your current umask, type


at the prompt.  It is strongly recommended to set your umask to either 077 (most restrictive, only you will be able to access files you create) or 027 (you have full privilege and members of the owning group have read privilege) and use the chmod to open access as needed.

You can temporarily change your umask by typing, for example,

umask 077

at the prompt.  This will set the default privilege for that session only.  To permanently change it, type

echo umask 077 >> ~/.bash_profile

LSF tricks

  • You should not run programs directly on the killdevil login node.  If you need to interactively run programs start a shell on one of the cluster nodes
    bsub -Ip /bin/bash
  • if you want your job to have 4 processors run on the same host you would submit it as
    bsub -n 4 -R "span[hosts=1]" ...
  • Use the bqueues command to check queue availability. If the PEND column is greater than zero when you submit your run, there will be a wait time before the run executes.
  • Use `bpeek -f` once a job is started to view the execution in your console.  If you need to stop viewing press <Ctrl + C>

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