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For many, email is the de facto method for sharing files between users.  However most email services, including the University’s instance of Microsoft Exchange, impose a limit on the total size of an email, including file attachments.  For this limit is 50 MB

There are a few options for transferring files over 50MB.

  • Compressing the file may reduce the size enough to include as an email attachment.  7-zip is a powerful compression software for windows that can work with all of the major compression formats  On managed Windows computers connected to the AD domain the software can be installed from without admin privilege.  Another benefit of this method is that it supports encryption  This is a good option for external affiliates who do not have accounts to send confidential files as email attachments to addresses.
  • ITS Research Computing operates a Secure FTP service  You can contact to have a shared directory created for a set of onyens.  Additionally, external affiliates can anonymously upload documents using the procedure described in the document.
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