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Audrey Wong is a current PY2 (c/o 2022) on our Chapel Hill campus. From Saint Cloud, MN she completed her undergraduate studies in 2018 at College of Saint Benedict and earned her BA in Biochemistry. She enjoys traveling to different places around the world. She has been to several countries in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Serbia, and Australia. She has her eyes set out for Slovenia next! Audrey do you need a travel buddy? For today’s student spotlight feature, Sit with Senate’s Megan Tran interviewed Audrey.

Sit with Senate (SwS): What is your most memorable moment at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy (ESOP)?Audrey Wong (AW): “Finishing my second OSCE is probably my most memorable moment because I felt like I was actually applying what I learned in the class in my patient interaction scenario.”


Audrey shares that her second OSCE was a medication education. She states that she enjoyed the whole counseling process because she felt that she was able to share her knowledge about the medication and she was able to showcase that she was the medication expert in her particular scenario. She liked that she was able to get the chance to implement the patient-friendly language in real-time. She tells us that there is an element of surprise for her when it comes to the OSCE. She says, ‘you don’t really know the patient, so it helps you learn to be adaptable to your environment.’

SwS: If you could describe pharmacy in a single phrase, what would it be?

AW: “Pharmacy is full of challenges and possibilities”


SwS: What would you like to do once you become a pharmacist?

AW: “Once I become a pharmacist, I wish to do a residency so I can gain more clinical experiences. In the future, I would love to work for one of the Non-governmental Organization (NGO). Through them I would be able to serve the underserved population.”


SwS: What are some things you like to do in your free time?

AW: “I enjoy spending time with my friends, watching shows, and working out to live a balanced and healthy life. In general, when I’m with my friends it usually involves us bonding over food. As far as shows go, I really love watching sci-fi/fantasy type shows. I typically watch shows that are out on Netflix. One really good show on there is Black Mirror because there is variety within the series. They don’t really have a set theme and every episode is different, so I never get bored with it. Though I’m not watching a series at the moment, I do recommend checking out Black Mirror if you’re looking for a new show to watch! These days I’m more into watching classic movies since I can just watch it in one go. I hate having to wait for new episodes to come out when I start a new drama series.”


SwS: How did you know that going into the pharmacy field was the path for you?

AW: “I was always interested in health science and patient interaction. As I explored what I wanted to do in the future, I talked to a family friend who is a pharmacist. She shared with me about daily life and the challenges of a pharmacist. It was only after shadowing and talking to other pharmacists that I decided to pursue a degree in pharmacy. Some people think pharmacists only count pills and work at the retail pharmacy, but knowing how many different ways a pharmacist can impact patient’s lives is mind-blowing. I wish to be a part of it and leave my footprint in the community.”

Audrey gives us further insight into her process of narrowing down her options. She shared with us that she contemplated a lot on her career path. She always knew that she wanted to work in the medical field, but she was not sure of where to go. She tells us that she really had to reflect on what her strengths and weaknesses were and she also took into consideration her values to make her decision. She really wanted a good work-life balance and she felt that pharmacy was the answer for her. What a great method to decide your career path!

SwS: What is your ‘go-to’ snack when you know you have a busy day ahead?

AW: “Lay’s chips because it has so many flavors and I love how many options I have. My favorite flavor so far would be Honey BBQ and Sweet Southern Heat BBQ. They’re both so good that I can’t seem to choose between the two!”


SwS: What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?

AW: “Thailand, because I love seeing the combination of ancient and modern architecture. During my visit to Thailand, I went to the temples and the grand palace where I experienced their culture and saw how they preserve their traditional architecture. The street markets and floating markets were also very unique. These experiences really made me feel like I was immersed in a different world!


Audrey provided us with a little more detail regarding her experience in Thailand. For those that are not familiar with what a floating market is, Audrey shares that it is literally what it sounds like. People are selling their goods out on small boats in the lake, and if you’re on a boat yourself you’ll have the chance to be able to purchase some items! That is definitely a unique experience Audrey! On behalf of Sit with Senate, we thank you for giving us your time and sharing your story!  


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