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Manually uninstall kbox agent

October 11, 2016   MAC sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin/AMPTools uninstall

Find Computer Serial Number

September 1, 2015

Many computer hardware vendors use the serial number to uniquely identify a system for the purpose of maintenance requests, warranty inquiries, etc. Typically the serial number can be found somewhere on the exterior of the case but here are a … Continued

Lock Computer When Left Unattended

July 24, 2015

If you leave your computer unattended make sure to lock the computer to prevent someone from sitting at the console and using the computer under your account.  Locking your computer will require your login password to be entered in order … Continued

Connect to M Drive

November 26, 2014

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Find lost email attachment

November 24, 2014

Has this happened to you?  You open an email attachment, make some modifications, click save and close the attachment.  Later you want to go back to that saved copy only to realize you don’t know where you saved it on … Continued

Tips for Changing Onyen Password

August 8, 2014

The general procedure to avoid lockouts when changing your onyen password: Close Outlook, save/close work. Go to prior to the password expiration and change the password.  Do not attempt to change your password through any other means. If you … Continued