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The Eshelman Employee Excellence Kudos program is intended to show appreciation for our wonderful faculty, staff, and postdocs at UNC Eshleman School of Pharmacy. Many of our employees demonstrate exceptional contributions every day, and our goal is to publicly recognize them for making the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy a great place to work. To show your appreciation to one of our fantastic employees, please submit a nomination for the Eshelman Employee Excellence Kudos program. All permanent staff, faculty, and postdoc employees at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy are eligible. Employees will be recognized in one of the following categories: mentorship, WE CARE, team player, creativity and innovation, and research.  One recipient from each category will be announced at the quarterly Town Halls. Recipients will also be awarded with their choice of UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy swag item.

Kudo Categories

Mentorship: An employee who has excelled at mentoring others in their job functions.

WE CARE: An employee who has gone above and beyond to publicly exemplify one or more of our School values (Welcoming, Equity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Excellence) through their everyday work.

Team Player: An employee who displays integrity and generosity towards their team members and uplifts fellow employees.

Creativity and Innovation: An employee that embodies the spirit of innovation. Perhaps they are always coming up with creative solutions to problems or drafting unique designs. This person is using innovation to advance our mission.

Research: An employee who demonstrates an exemplary commitment to the research mission of the School, or that supports Priority 2 of the BEYOND Strategic Plan, and has demonstrated outstanding performance in the conduct and/or dissemination of research.

Find out more and submit a nomination!

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