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We wanted to send out some clarifying information regarding adverse weather.  The University is closed to non-mandatory employees when it is operating under conditions 2 or 3.  This means that (non-mandatory) employees must not report to campus until the University returns to condition 1. To account for time that should have been worked, employees must:

1)      Code leave (vacation) for the time not worked;

2)      Receive supervisor approval to work from home or another location;

3)      Make up the time within the next 90 days.

The University will provide updates via email, alert Carolina text message, the homepage, and at 919-843-1234 regarding its emergency status and when normal operations will resume.  Until then, please note that employees are not allowed to come to campus.

Please pay attention to your email, text alerts, for updates on when the University will re-open (return to condition 1).  Please also make sure you record leave accordingly and work with your supervisor (and alert our office) regarding a plan to make up any time not worked.

In the event of adverse weather, stay safe and warm and please let us know if you have any questions!


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