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Included in the Office365 migration are two new storage spaces for individual and groups.

**Due to concerns with the data governance of the new storage spaces, we ask that you continue using your current network drives (L, M, and N) to save all school data. We will advise you when the new storage spaces can be used, we anticipate allowing usage of the new storage spaces within four weeks.



Monday, May 22nd : Migration night

  • Email will only be available via Mobile Devices from 8pm (5/22) – 6am (5/23).
  • Ensure your computer is rebooted (and not logged back into) before leaving on May 22nd or the last day you are in your office prior to May 22.
  • Mobile Device settings should be changed by 5/22 at 8pm.
    • Only users that received “Mobile Device Configuration Change” emails need to make this change.


Tuesday, May 23rd Migration Day

  • Open first thing after signing in to your computer. If you are able to log in and see all your email you have been successfully migrated and you can proceed with configuring Outlook for MAC. If not please reboot your computer and try again.
    • Once you see mail at, instructions for configuring your MAC can be found HERE in the “Outlook for Mac” tab.
  • ITSOP and UNC ITS staff will be onsite and in control rooms for any issues.
  • IT Office365 control centers will be available for walk-in assistance in Kerr 1304 (VTC and Zoom) and Marsico Hall 4010, online help available at


What will change on May 23rd?

  • Your email and calendar will look the same.
  • You will have access to Office products on your desktop in addition to in-the-cloud at Use this to use Office programs from your browser (I.E. Firefox or Chrome) from ANY computer!
    • Noteonly save to L, M, and N drives (not Onedrive) [See ** above]. Tips on how to do so will be available soon.
  • Web access URL for email and calendar changes from to
  • Mobile Device settings: users that received “Mobile Device Configuration Change” emails and are having issues with mobile devices need to ensure these settings are applied.
  • More information about Office 365, including video tutorials.