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While our minds are occupied with a myriad of new disruptions, we do have some significant opportunities ahead to innovate in this new environment. As you know, our strategic plan ends this year. Since we are currently living in the uncomfortable position of unpredictability, there is probably no better time to develop a strategic plan that will take us out of our comfort zone. Because of these uncertain times, we will begin our journey by focusing on the next 3 years, and what you believe will take us BEYOND excellence. In order to do this, we need everyone’s participation.

We will be working with Dr. Paul Friga of the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, an expert in the field of strategy and entrepreneurship. He and his team will guide us through a fast-paced planning process led by a Task Force and Advisory Committee of internal and external representatives of the School. The strategic planning process will consist of three phases:  Assessment, Visioning and Implementation.

Everyone in the School community will be given an opportunity to provide input and help shape our plan.

Goals and Methodology


The project is broken down into three phases: Assessment, Visioning and Implementation. We expect the plan to be finalized by the end of 2020.

Phase 1

Background Fact Pack

  • Internal and external surveys
  • Benchmark
  • Interviews
  • Summary SWOT

July 31-September 30


Phase 2

Draft Strategy Statements

  • Mission/Values
  • Vision
  • Priorities
  • Key Metrics

September 30-October 28

Phase 3

Implementation Plan

  • Objectives
  • Initiatives
  • Supporting Metrics

October 28-December 9


The strategic planning team consists of a Task Force and Advisory Committee made up of internal and external School representatives as well as well as a Consulting Team from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School led by Dr. Paul Friga.

The Strategic Planning Task Force will be the core and driving force behind the strategic planning process and will meet weekly throughout the fall. This Task Force will provide guidance and input on internal and external analyses, review collected data, provide input into insights and ideas, iterate on recommendations, and provide updates to our broader audience.


Scott Savage

Executive Vice Dean-Chief Operating Officer


Mary McClurg

Executive Vice Dean-Chief Academic Officer


Wendy Cox

Vice Dean for Professional Education


Kim Brouwer

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education


Benyam Muluneh

Assistant Professor, Division of Pharmacotherapy & Experimental Therapeutics


Mollie Scott

Regional Associate Dean at Asheville


John Bamforth

Director, Eshelman Institute for Innovation


Carla White

Associate Dean, Organizational Diversity and Inclusion


Roy Zwahlen

Associate Dean for Strategic Risk Management


Stan Parker

Senior Director of Marketing and Communications


Tab Waldrop



Kelly Collins

Senior Director of Development and Campaign Director

This committee is made up of approximately 40 individuals who are critical to all we do. We have carefully selected a team that represents all aspects of what we do: from administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni, to critical global partners, representatives from the board of trustees, and strategic partners within the state. Danny Gonzalez and Jacqui McLaughlin, two tenured faculty members representing research and teaching, will co-chair the committee. The committee will meet three times throughout the fall to review data and synthesized findings from multiple stakeholders and provide feedback and come to an agreement on next steps. Their insight and advice will be invaluable in shaping our new strategic plan.


Daniel Gonzalez

Associate Professor, DPET

Jacqui McLaughlin

Associate Professor, PACE; Director, CIPhER


Jeff Aube

Distinguished Professor, CBMC

Udobi Campbell

Regional Director of Pharmacy, UNC HealthCare; ESOP Exec Associate Dean for Clinical Practice

Stephen Eckel

Associate Dean for Global Engagement; Associate Professor, PACE

Stefanie Ferreri

Chair & Distinguished Professor, PACE

Ouita Gatton

Adjunct Assistant Professor, PACE; Preceptor

Mike Jarstfer

Assistant Dean for Graduate Education; Associate Professor, CBMC

Mike Jay

Chair & Distinguished Professor, DPMP

David Lawrence

Chair & Distinguished Professor, CBMC

Craig Lee

Associate Professor, DPET

Herb Patterson

Interim Chair and Professor, DPET

Wayne Pittman

Associate Dean for Facilities Planning and Resource Analysis; Associate Professor, DPET

Kamakshi Rao

Assistant Director of Pharmacy, UNC Health Care; ESOP Adjunct Faculty

Denise Rhoney

Associate Dean for Education and Learning Innovation; Distinguished Professor, PACE

Betsy Sleath

Chair & Distinguished Professor, DPOP

Alex Tropsha

Associate Dean for Data and Data Science; Distinguished Professor, CBMC


Jackie Feaster

Director of Foundation Accounting

Chris Gosk

Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Planning, and Assessment

Annie Hager-Blunk

Associate Dean for Advancement

Brittany Jennings

Director of Brand Alignment/Communications

Abby Kruse

Assistant Director for Experiential Programs

Mike Mulkeen

Executive Assistant to ESOP Asheville

Sara Pettaway

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Brad Wingo

Assistant Dean of Curricular and Student Affairs


Jasmine King

Graduate Student, DPMP

Judith Lovince

HSPA Master Student, PACE

Chris Parish

PharmD Student, Student Senate President

Jasmine Perry

PharmD Student, SNPhA President


Laura Bonifacio

President of Lodestar Pharma Consulting, LLC

Rashonda Burkett

Medical Science Liaison Excellence Lead at Novart

Neal Fowler

CEO of Liquidia Technologies

Lynn Kieffer

Member, Board of Directors at Mission Health System

Louis Newsome

Pharmacy Program Executive at UnitedHealthcare

Wayne Sasser

North Carolina House of Representatives

Greg Vassie

Co-founder, & CFO at IndyCare


Tina Brock

Professor of Pharmacy Education at Monash University School of Pharmacy

Deanne Brooks

Chief Pharmacy Officer at Cone Health

Julie Byerley

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Chief Education Officer, UNC School of Medicine

Arthur Christopoulos

Dean and Professor at Monash University School of Pharmacy

Duncan Craig

Director and Professor at University College London School of Pharmacy

Emily Gangi

Policy Engagement Director at ncIMPACT

Jeff Heck

CEO of Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)

Nathan Knuffman

Senior Associate Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Operations

Ralph Meekins

UNC Board of Trustees

Mike Melroy

System Director of Pharmacy for New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Nena Peragallo Montano

Dean and Professor, UNC School of Nursing

Chris Peronto

Vice President for Head of Enterprise Strategy & Innovation at BlueCross NC

Barbara Rimer

Dean and Distinguished Professor, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

David Routh

UNC Vice Chancellor for Development

Douglas Shackelford

Dean and Distinguished Professor, UNC Kenan-Flager Business School

William Slattery

Deerfield Partner, Pinnacle Hill Steering Committee Member

Katie Sheldon

District Director of HCA at Mission Health System

Abbie Williamson

Executive Director of Pharmacy at WakeMed Health & Hospitals

The consulting team is led by Dr. Paul Friga of the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, an expert in the field of strategy and entrepreneurship. He will be assisted by current MBA and undergrad students from UNC KFBS.

paul friga

Paul Friga – Lead Consultant

  • Director of Student Teams Achieving Results and Global Business Projects
  • Previously worked for PwC and
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Received his PhD and MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler

aditi borde

Aditi Borde – Project Leader

  • MHA/MBA ’20 (Concentration: Healthcare)
  • UNC BS Chemistry, minor: Biology
  • 3+ years of experience in provider-side healthcare operations and research
  • Going to Deloitte Consulting full time (Jan 2021 start date)

dale zioboro

Dale Zioboro

  • MBA ’21 (Concentration: Healthcare and Entrepreneurship)
  • Intern at Deloitte and 501 Ventures for summer 2020
  • 4+ years of experience in provider-side operations, strategy, and data analytics

Sam reidy

Sam Reidy

  • PharmD/MBA ’22 (Concentration: Healthcare and Marketing)
  • UNC BS Biology, minor: Chemistry
  • 2+ years of experience in pharmacy operations and Pharma strategy
  • Intern at Eli Lilly and Co. for summer 2020

nisarg shah

Nisarg Shah

  • BA ‘22 Economics and Public Policy
  • Business Minor
  • Morehead-Cain Scholar
  • Intern at ABC Insights for summer 2020

gabby kmiec

Gabby Kmiec

  • Kenan-Flagler BSBA ’22 (Concentration: Consulting and Marketing)
  • Studio Art Double Major
  • Intern at ABC Insights for summer 2020

Key responsibilities include secondary research, primary research, analysis of options, slide deck creation, and updates to key constituents

This provides the meeting schedule for the Task Force, the Advisory Committee, and Town Halls.



Phase 1

Student Town Hall

Sept. 18, 2020

Faculty Town Hall

Sept. 24, 2020

Staff Town Hall

Sept. 24, 2020

Advisory Committee Town Hall

Sept. 30, 2020

Phase 2

Student Town Hall

Oct. 22, 2020, noon-1 p.m.

Faculty Town Hall

Oct. 20, 2020, noon-1 p.m.

Staff Town Hall

Oct. 22, 2020, 11-11:50 a.m.

Advisory Committee Town Hall

Oct. 28, 2020, 5-61:30 p.m.

Phase 3

Student Town Hall

Dec. 10, 2020, noon-1 p.m.

Faculty Town Hall

Dec. 8, 2020, noon-1 p.m.

Staff Town Hall

Advisory Committee Town Hall

Dec. 16, 2020, 5-6:30 p.m.

BEYOND Strategic Plan Kick-off Meeting

Feb. 25, 2021, 12-12:30 p.m.

Your participation in the strategic planning process is critical to our success. Your feedback is greatly valued. There are several ways to provide input or ask questions.


  1. Actively participate in open town halls.
[table width =”100%” style =”” responsive =”false”] [table_head] [th_column][/th_column] [th_column]September[/th_column] [th_column]October[/th_column] [th_column]December[/th_column] [/table_head] [table_body] [table_row] [row_column]Faculty[/row_column] [row_column]Sept. 24, Noon-1 p.m.[/row_column] [row_column]Oct. 20, Noon-1 p.m.[/row_column] [row_column]Dec. 8, Noon-1 p.m.[/row_column] [/table_row] [table_row] [row_column]Staff[/row_column] [row_column]Sept. 24, 1-2 p.m.[/row_column] [row_column]Oct. 22, 11a.m.- Noon.[/row_column] [row_column]Dec. 8, 1-2 p.m.[/row_column] [/table_row] [table_row] [row_column]Students[/row_column] [row_column]Sept. 18, Noon-1 p.m.[/row_column] [row_column]Oct. 22, Noon-1 p.m.[/row_column] [row_column]Dec. 10, Noon-1 p.m.[/row_column] [/table_row] [table_row] [row_column]Alumni[/row_column] [row_column][/row_column] [row_column]Oct. 30, 3-4 p.m.[/row_column] [row_column][/row_column] [/table_row] [/table_body] [/table]


  1. Contact anyone on the Task Force


  1. Submit questions or comments anonymously using this form