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Examples of our internationally award-winning work are seen below with a brief description of each project. If you have any questions about a project or would like to speak to one of our team members about the capabilities of our office before submitting a request, please use the Contact Us form here.

UNC Employee Forum: Get Out the Vote

The Employee Forum’s Get Out the Vote project was an internal communications piece to raise public awareness amongst the UNC Chapel Hill staff about the Employee Forum elections. The piece was shot over the course of a single week in March 2020 and features members of the Employee Forum leadership team, UNC staff, and the Chancellor of the University. March 2020.

Renovation on the Hill

A fundraising piece for the ongoing renovations of Beard Hall, the seat of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy on the Chapel Hill campus, Renovation on the Hill features two of the School’s faculty in the roles of reality-TV style hosts taking on the renovations of the building. April 2019.

The Profession of Pharmacy: Today & Tomorrow

An internal communications piece to educate staff, faculty, and students; prospective students; and laypersons about the practice of pharmacy, its roles in the healthcare profession, and the career paths available to pharmacists. In conjunction with the leadership of the School, this piece was produced to share internally and with targeted audiences externally to enumerate these paths and the challenges that healthcare professionals face. December 2019.

Cultural Block Party 2019

An internal communications piece to celebrate and recap the 2019 Cultural Block Party hosted by the Office of Organizational Diversity and Inclusion within the Dean’s Office, this piece features highlights from the week long event, which included cultural dances, fashion shows, dance classes, and cooking. May 2019.

Structural Genomics Consotrium: 100&Change Grant Application

Part of the grant application for MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change grant program, this piece accompanied the Structural Genomics Consortium’s application for a protein kinase inhibitor. Produced entirely—from conception to completion—within a single business week, this piece won multiple awards for its use of graphics and cinematography. February 2017.

MEDIA offers a full host of video production and post-production services, as well as motion graphic and 3D animation production, in addition to stills photography and audio production.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • 4K traditional video production
  • 5K 360º video production
  • Aerial photography and cinematography
  • Lecture-capture services
  • Motion graphics production
  • On-location production
  • Podcast production
  • Script writing and assistance
  • Studio production with set dressing or lumakey backdrop

We work with full-frame, 4K cameras in cinema LUTs with a full array of support equipment, including a crane, gimbal, sliders, tripods and a full array of studio lights and audio equipment. We can frame and light almost any shot to bring your project to life. MEDIA’s experienced, award-winning cinematographer and director has experience in live-broadcast, live-to-tape, and film production and can support both live events and scripted narratives.

The MEDIA studio, located in Beard Hall, is a full-production, multi-configuration studio with lumakey capability and a lecture-capture/sound booth for audio recording. While small, the studio is a true workhorse and can support a wide array of project types and goals, from stills photography to live-stream broadcasts and podcasts to on-camera interviews.