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Center for AIDS Research Clinical Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

The purpose of the Clinical Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (Core E) is to provide a centralized unit to facilitate the pharmacological and analytical studies of HIV/AIDS related clinical, translational, and basic science research at UNC-Chapel Hill and at our collaborating institutions, and to establish collaboration with AIDS investigators at other national and international institutions.

Nanomedicines Characterization Core Facility

The NCore accelerates the translation of new molecular-entity discoveries into human clinical trials through comprehensive characterization of novel nanomedicines and nanomaterials. Its services are organized into three independent blocks: physicochemical assays, comprehensive physicochemical characterization studies, and bioassays characterization package services.

NMR Facility

The NMR Facility in the School of Pharmacy serves the needs of research groups from across the campus of the University of North Carolina. The facility houses a Varian Gemini 300 and an Inova 500.

Pharmacometrics Core

The Pharmacometrics Core assists investigators at each step in the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic research process, from study design and data analysis to publication.

The UNC Cellular Metabolism and Transport Core

The Core develops new experimental methodolgies, based on organ perfusion technologies, that can be applied to experimentation typically required for drug development and evaluation. The scope of the Core is to perform experimentation in a variety of isolated or in situ organs and tissues. These experimental techniques and models are available to investigators on a fee-for-service basis in three general areas including cell isolation, drug disposition, and drug action.