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About Kappa Psi (KY)

The objectives of Kappa Psi include: To conduct a professional fraternal organization for the mutual benefit of its members; To develop industry, sobriety, and fellowship; To foster high ideals, scholarship, and pharmaceutical research; To support all projects which will advance the profession of pharmacy and to actively participate in them; To inspire in its members a deep and lasting pride in their Fraternity and in the profession of pharmacy; To render such other services to its members and its profession feasible and in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of the Fraternity.

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$300 per semester

Kappa Psi Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I join Kappa Psi?
    Look for us during Rush time. We will have Brothers at all of the Rush Events who would be more than willing to speak with your about joining.
  • How much are dues?   
    $300 per semester
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?   
    Weekly chapter meetings
  • How much of a time commitment is Kappa Psi?   
    1-2 hours per week
  • What happens at Kappa Psi’s meetings?   
    A wide array of topics are discussed.
  • What would I benefit from being a part of Kappa Psi?   
    Kappa Psi is the largest pharmaceutical fraternity in the nation and the networking opportunities with alumni can open many doors for you in the future. Specifically, at UNC, we are a smaller, close-knit group of Brothers who push each to be the best we can be in the areas of friendship, scholarship, professionalism, and pharmacy.

List of Events/Projects

  • Philanthropy: Mr. Pharmacy, Volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House, UNC pediatric Playroom, and Highway Clean-ups
  • Fundraising: Donations for Reach Out and Read, an organization that donates children books to doctors offices and hospitals
  • Social: Summer Party, Halloween Party, Tunnel Party, and Traveling for a Formal Event each year
  • Professional: Annual Flu Clinic, Interview Workshops, Career Panels
  • Networking: 2-3 Kappa Psi conferences held annually at different colleges of pharmacy, annual Alumni Day held at the UNC Kappa Psi Fraternity House

Kappa Psi strives to promote well-roundedness for pharmacy students. Our fraternity provides a support system for you not just during your time in pharmacy school but for life!

Chapter Leadership

Nikole Rizzo, Class of 2022

Vice Regent
Ashley Lovelace, Class of 2022

Jacob Stroud, Class of 2023

Jennie Wilson, Class of 2022

Becky Kielminski, Class of 2023

Pledge Master
Amanda Day, Class of 2022

Professional Chair
Kevin Rhash, Class of 2022

Recruitment Chair
Katie Flynn, Class of 2023

Alumni Chair
Ashlyn Whitesell, Class of 2022

Yan Wu, Class of 2022

Assistant Pledge Master
Jonathan Boucher, Class of 2023

House Manager
Brendan Collins, Class of 2023

Assistant House Manager
SiTong Shu, Class of 2023

Fundraising Chair
Vany Nguyen, Class of 2023

Social Chair
Sydney Stocks, Class of 2023

Zayan Shamayeen, Class of 2022

Taek Lee, Class of 2022

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Phil Rodgers

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