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Students at UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy come from all over the United States, and even from other countries. They each have unique backgrounds with one common goal: becoming the best pharmacist in the nation. Sit with Senate team interview the students who have been nominated by their colleagues. Conversation topics include the student’s life in pharmacy school, advice for current and prospective students, and a story on their pet(s).

Senate Spotlight: Libby Powell

Libby Powell is a current PY2 (Class of 2023) on our Chapel Hill campus. She is from Gaithersburg, MD and completed her B.S. in Immunology and Infectious Disease at The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). She has served as the … Read more

Senate Spotlight: Jenna Caldwell

Jenna Caldwell is a current PY3 (c/o 2021) on our Asheville campus. She attended UNC-Charlotte for her undergraduate studies and earned her BA in chemistry with two minors in Biology and Psychology. Interestingly enough, she knew Peter Thao ( before … Read more

Senate Spotlight: Rachel Gilmore

Rachel Gilmore is a current PY3 (c/o 2021) on our Chapel Hill campus. From Princeton, NJ she completed her undergraduate studies at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and earned her BS in Chemistry. If you have ever wondered about … Read more

Student Spotlight: Megan Tran

Megan Tran is a current PY3 on our Chapel Hill Campus. She is currently living at home in Greensboro, NC for her 3rd-year immersion experience. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2016 and earned her BA in Biology. She took a … Read more

Student Spotlight: Audrey Wong

Audrey Wong is a current PY2 (c/o 2022) on our Chapel Hill campus. From Saint Cloud, MN she completed her undergraduate studies in 2018 at College of Saint Benedict and earned her BA in Biochemistry. She enjoys traveling to different … Read more

Student Spotlight: Lee Arphai

Lee Arphai is a current PY3 (c/o 2021) from our Asheville campus. Lee completed her undergraduate studies at UNC-Chapel Hill where she received her B.S. in biology. Prior to pharmacy school, Lee worked with child psychiatry for 8 years at … Read more

Student Spotlight: Nicolas Palacios

Nicolas Palacios completed his second year of pharmacy school at our Chapel Hill campus and is now going to take classes at the business school for a whole year as part of his MBA. From Thousand Oaks, CA, he completed … Read more

Student Spotlight: Michelle Ton

Meet Michelle Ton, Class of 2020, from Nokesville, VA! Michelle is easily described by her peers as one of the most positive, cheerful, and warm classmates who always knows how to have fun – give her a date and location, … Read more

Student Spotlight: Akshara Kumar

Akshara Kumar is a current PY2 (Class of 2021) on our Chapel Hill campus. From Reading, PA, she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh in PA where she earned her BS in Molecular Biology. She was co-captain … Read more

Student Spotlight: Anna Brown

Anna Brown (Class of 2021) from a small town called China Grove, North Carolina. Anna makes sure she takes care of herself and spend time outside of pharmacy school. Anna loves to run outside, take exercise classes, and meal-prep during … Read more

Student Spotlight: Vincent Harris

Vincent Harris is a current PY2 (c/o 2021) on from our Chapel Hill campus. From Vero Beach, FL, he completed his undergraduate studies at Erskine College in SC where he earned his BS in Biochemistry. Vince was also a collegiate … Read more

Student Spotlight: Shuyan Huang

Shuyan Huang is a current PY2 (Class of 2021) on the Chapel Hill campus, from Jiangsu Province, China. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2017. For today’s student feature, Sit with Senate’s Jisun Ban sat … Read more

Student Spotlight: Kelsey Fletcher Dobbins

Autumn is a favorite season for many of us , bringing fall decorations, football games, and pumpkin spice candles. These are actually favorite parts of fall for Kelsey Fletcher Dobbins, a current PY4 (Class of 2019) completing her APPE immersions … Read more

Student Spotlight: Peter Thao

Peter Thao is a current PY2 (c/o 2021) from our Asheville Campus. From Albemarle, NC, he completed his undergraduate studies at UNC-Charlotte. Peter enjoys fishing, learning to play sports, ALL things Taylor Swift, and Disney World (which he visited for … Read more

Student Spotlight: Yimo Wang

Meet Yimo Wang, the PY3 (Class of 2020) Class President on  the Chapel Hill campus. She grew up in Zhengzhou, China – a town known for the Shaolin Temple, where monks do martial arts. Outside of school, she hosts dinner … Read more

Student Spotlight: Jeffery Seals

  Jeffery Seals is a current PY2 (Class of 2021) and a class president for 2018-2019 year attending the Chapel Hill Campus. Jeffery is from Bedford, VA, and he completed his undergraduate in Microbiology and Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech. … Read more

Student Spotlight: Diana Lee

She is a full-time PharmD Student, co-owner of a coffee shop located in Durham, Head of Operations at a consulting firm and a former English teacher. For today’s student spotlight, Sit with Senate’s Jessie Kim interviewed Diana Lee (Class of … Read more

Student Spotlight: Aliyah Cruz

Aliyah Patricia Cruz (c/o 2022) started her journey at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy a month ago. Born at a military base in Japan, she grew up in the small military town of Havelock-Cherry Point, NC. She used to play … Read more

Student Spotlight: David Taska

David Taska is a current PY2 (Class of 2021) attending Asheville Campus, from Phoenix, AZ. After going through several career changes from wanting to become a dinosaur, marine biologist, to physician, David found his calling in pharmacy, specifically clinical toxicology. … Read more

Student Spotlight: Liza Schimmelfing

How many hats do Eshelman School of Pharmacy students wear? For Liza Schimmelfing, it’s four. Outside of school, Liza works at an independent pharmacy in Carrboro, works part-time at Loft as a sales associate, and coaches volleyball to middle-school girls. … Read more